Mitas Expands SPORT FORCE+ RS Tire Lineup Staff
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Mitas has expanded its SPORT FORCE+ RS tire range by adding two new rear sizes, 180/60ZR17 and 200/55ZR17, designed for more powerful motorcycles, broadening its overall offerings.

Boštjan Novak, Director of Research, Development & Quality at Mitas Motorcycle Tires states: “We are really excited to introduce these larger tires to our SPORT FORCE+ RS tire line. They bring a whole new level of energy through its new construction combined with our high-performance RS-Racing Soft compound. And as always, we made sure they were really put to the test with racer Randy Krummenacher before releasing them on tracks to ensure best-in-class performance and competitive lap times.”

The SPORT FORCE+ RS tires offer a Racing Soft (RS) compound, providing maximum grip at extreme lean angles and stability at high speeds. The tires' construction is said to enhance rider control and feedback, accommodating the additional power of larger motorcycles.

Randy Krummenacher, Swiss motorcycle racer and 2019 Supersport World Championship winner, adds: “The two new rear sizes push performance even further. The side grip, quick acceleration out of the corner and the really dynamic handling without compromising durability are the main benefits I found that the tires bring to riders.”

These enhancements aim to provide track day riders with superior performance and control on more powerful motorcycles.

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