Elvis Edition Triumph Bonneville T120 Is Coming for 2025

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

Our Suspicious Minds have us All Shook Up on Special Edition Triumphs

Last October, Triumph reached out to the public for help in tracking down a number of motorcycles Elvis Presley reportedly bought for his “Memphis Mafia” crew. This March, Triumph partnered with the Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation and Gibson Guitars to auction a one-off Bonneville T120 and matching Les Paul. It now appears Triumph will continue its association with The King with a Bonneville T120 Elvis Edition model for 2025.

Confirmation comes to us via the California Air Resources Board, which has published an executive order adding an Elvis Edition to certifications for the 2025 Bonneville T120.

Presley famously rode several Triumph motorcycles, both in his personal life and on screen in films such as “Stay Away Joe”. The story goes that Presley was impressed after getting a test ride on his friend Jerry Shilling’s 1964 T120 650 Bonneville, and decided to buy a number of Triumph TR6s and T120s for his close friends, a group the press referred to as the “Memphis Mafia.” It’s no surprise, then, that Triumph would produce a special edition model to celebrate that connection.

The CARB executive order confirms the bike exists, and that it will use the same engine tuning as the regular Bonneville T120, but little else beyond that. The 1964 Bonneville T120 came in a Gold and Alaskan White color, while the TR6 had a HiFi Scarlet and Silver Sheen color with gold pinstriping, so we expect the Elvis Edition model will share one of those color combinations.

There’s no timeline on when we can expect Triumph to officially confirm the bike, but considering the limited edition Speed Triple 1200 RR Breitling was just released last week, we suspect Triumph will want to provide enough time before announcing the 2025 Bonneville T120 Elvis Edition.

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Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

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  • Mitch Mitch 3 days ago

    If that’s actually what it’s going to look like in the picture, sign me up.

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    • Rudi Rudi 2 days ago

      Yep, the older Triumphs sure had a look, a sleekness, that the new ones can't quite match. Still nice bikes but..........

  • Mike Mike 3 days ago

    Good intel, thank you Dennis.