Carmichael Gets Ninth Win

Team Chevy Trucks Kawasaki's Ricky Carmichael scored his ninth win in a row at the Trans World Dome in the 12th round of the AMA/EA Sports Supercross Series in St. Louis, Missouri. A fall on the sixth lap dropped McGrath from third and he ended up finishing the night in fourth behind Team Suzuki's Kevin Windham in second and Honda's Ezra Lusk in third.

In 125-class action, Team Suzuki's Travis Pastrana notched another win, taking top honors ahead of Yamaha's Nathan Ramsey and KTM's Kelly Smith...

250cc MAIN:1. Ricky Carmichael (Kaw);2. Kevin Windham (Suz);3. Ezra Lusk (Hon);4. Jeremy McGrath (Yam);5. Tim Ferry (Yam);6. Damon Huffman (Yam);7. Heath Voss (Hon);8. Michael Byrne (Kaw);9. Casey Johnson (Kaw);10. Robbie Reynard (Yam);11. James Povolny (Hon);12. Pedro Gonzalez (Kaw);13. Jean-Sebastien Roy (Hon);14. Jason McCormick (Suz);15. Kyle Lewis (Yam);16. Doug Dehaan (Hon);17. Brian Stone (Kaw);18. Robbie Skaggs (Suz);19. Mike LaRocco (Hon). AMA/EA SPORTS SUPERCROSS SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP POINT STANDINGS (After 12 of 16 rounds):1. Ricky Carmichael (292/10 wins);2. Jeremy McGrath (253/2);3. Mike Larocco (213);4. Kevin Windham (201);5. Ezra Lusk (194);6. Tim Ferry (148);7. David Vuillemin (135);8. (TIE) Sebastien Tortelli/Stephane Roncada (108);10. Damon Huffman (96) 125cc MAIN (20 laps):1. Travis Pastrana (Suz);2. Nathan Ramsey (Yam);3. Kelly Smith (KTM);4. Tallon Vohland (Kaw);5. Christopher Gosselaar (Hus);6. Mike Brown (Kaw);7. Isaiah Johnson (Yam);8. Steve Boniface (Hon);9. Joseph Oehlhof (Yam);10. Ben Riddle (Suz);11. Matt Walker (Hon);12. Tom Hofmaster (Yam);13. Charles Dunaway (Suz);14. Nick Wey (Yam);15. Jonathan Shimp (Yam);16. Cory Keeney (Hon);17. Danny Carlson (Suz);18. Travis Elliott (Hon);19. Paul Currie (Hon);20. Marco Dube (KTM);21. Randy Valade (Hon).125cc EASTERN REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP POINT STANDINGS (After 5 of 7 rounds):1. Travis Pastrana (132/4 wins);2. Nathan Ramsey (121/1);3. Michael Brown (117);4. Nicholas Wey (103);5. Tallon Vohland (86);6. Kelly Smith (68);7. Brock Sellards (66);8. Matt Walker (60);9. Travis Elliott (59);10. Ben Riddle (54).
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