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Impressive. Honda and BMW are very close behind. Let the verbal floggings begin.--MO

From Victory:

MEDINA, MN (Dec. 21st, 2006) – “With the release of this information from J.D. Power and Associates, we believe it’s clear that Victory Motorcycles has played a key role in raising the bar of consumer expectations – not only in the American V-Twin market, but in the motorcycle industry as a whole,” said Mark Blackwell, Vice President of Victory Motorcycles and International Operations for Polaris Industries.

For the first time ever, J.D. Power and Associates has publicly released brand-performance results from their annual Motorcycle Competitive Information Study. Over the past several years, the firm has conducted this research to help the industry’s major motorcycle manufacturers improve. Now, portions of their recent 2006 study have been made public for all the world to see.

Now entering just its ninth model year and growing at close to 10 times the industry rate, Victory Motorcycles, the motorcycle division of leading Minnesota-based power sports manufacturer Polaris Industries, was one of ten major motorcycle manufacturers (and one of just three American manufacturers) rated by consumers in this study. Each manufacturer received two to five Power Circle RatingsSM in five different factors, including Product, Service, Cost of Ownership, Quality, and Sales.

Victory Motorcycles performed particularly well and received five Power Circles in Product, Cost of Ownership, and Service. Victory received four Power Circles in Quality and Sales. “The entire Victory team is proud to have these kinds of ratings,” said Blackwell. “People who choose to ride our bikes love them - it’s something we’ve known for a long time – and we’re happy this information is finally public.”

The breakdown of Victory’s 2006 Power CircleSM ratings are as follows:

Victory Product Performance: 5 out of 5 Power Circles.

This score is based on customer satisfaction with the motorcycle’s five product / performance sub-measures: comfort and convenience; cockpit and controls; looks and styling; engine and transmission; and ride and handling. “Voice of the customer is something that everyone at Victory lives and breathes,” explained Victory Marketing Manager Derek Scott. ”More and more, consumers are wanting an American heavyweight cruiser that is more modern in design and function so as a result, we choose to respect the past without living in it and we’re proud that an American company can provide this.” Added Blackwell, “And our test ride program is something that has really helped open people’s eyes – one test ride on a Victory at a dealer or at an event is usually all it takes.”

Victory Service Experience: 5 Power Circles

This score is based on how customers rate various aspects of their motorcycle service experience in regard to service department accessibility, service personnel, service delivery and quality of work performed. “We currently have about 360 dealers across North America and this number continues to grow each month – both here and internationally,” said Blackwell. “There is no question our dealers are as passionate about the ride and the product as we are – and this rating reflects that fact.”

Victory Cost of Ownership: 5 Power Circles

This score is based on how customers rate various aspects of the cost of owning their motorcycle, including the initial price of the motorcycle; cost of insurance; maintenance and repair costs, including parts; and cost of accessories (i.e. pipes, saddle bags, etc.).

Victory Quality: 4 Power Circles

This score is based on the number of problems that customers report experiencing with their new motorcycle. A higher number of Power Circles indicates a higher level of quality (i.e., fewer problems experienced). “High quality motorcycles are alive and well in America,” said Scott. “The fact that Victory performs well in this area demonstrates the dedication of the team that builds our bikes at our Spirit Lake, Iowa plant.”

Victory Sales Experience: 4 Power Circles

This score is based on how customers rate various aspects of their motorcycle sales experience in regard to product offering, sales personnel, sales process and delivery.

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