Waking Dreams: Fresh Mud, Race Fuel, & Zinfandel

Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff
Do you dream of being a moto-journalist? We at MO no longer have those dreams;instead, our dreams often involve young girls in catholic schoolgirl's outfitsand several hundred gallons of dessert topping...but we digress.

All of us here know many of you have unfulfilled dreams, some of which requireno law-breaking in any state. Our friends at Kawasaki know this too, so they put together a contest to host a reader at Infineon Racewayin Sonoma, CA for the AMA Superbike race in May.

Said reader would be wined, dined, hosted, given Kawasaki motorcycles to ride invarious venues and generally experience life as a big-shot VIP for the weekend.We came up with some rules-designed to weed out those among you who don't writethe Englush, so gud-and selected a winner from the many entries we received.

Santa Barbara, CA resident Paul Bryant won with a strange-yet-amusing storyabout a race that never was. We're strange-yet-amusing ourselves, so we took ashine to him and sent him away to Sonoma, with instructions to take pictures andnotes to record his trip for posterity.

And now, free for all to read (thanks to Kawasaki), is a tale of fun, sun, wind,rain and mud straight from the pen of the newest addition to the World'smotojournalist community. We hope you enjoy Paul's writing as much as we do!

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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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