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This is great news. Speedway is one of the most under appreciated forms of motorcycle competition in the U.S., in my opinion.--Pete

MOUNT VERNON, Ohio - The venerable sport of motorcycle Speedway racing inAmerica will have a fresh look and structure in 2006 following theestablishment of USA Speedway Inc., a new organization recognized as theexclusive Speedway Affiliate of the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA).

Under an agreement jointly announced today by the AMA and USA Speedway, thenew organization assumes autonomous day-to-day management of AMA-sanctionedSpeedway racing events and development of its Speedway championships. USASpeedway will operate as a non-profit association with its focus on unifyingand expanding Speedway motorcycle racing throughout the United States.

USA Speedway will also provide management services for AMA Team USA Speedwayin the world championship programs of the Federation Internationale deMotocyclisme (FIM).

All events organized under USA Speedway will be sanctioned by the AMA, andUSA Speedway will be the exclusive provider of AMA Speedway racingopportunities to AMA members and fans. The organization will operate underthe AMA's disciplinary code and will work in cooperation with the AMA andAMA Congress in establishment of its pro-am competition rules.

USA Speedway will initially be governed by an appointed nine-member Board ofDirectors. Members of the USA Speedway Board of Directors will servestaggered terms of office and the Board will transition into ademocratically elected body beginning in 2008.

Following are the founding members of the Board of Directors:

Term Expires:

Bill Cody
Industry Member/Cody Racing Products

Ryan Evans
Enthusiast Member/Glendora, CA

Paul Flanders
Enthusiast Member/Pasadena, CA

Brian Gaines
Industry Member/Indianapolis Ntl. Speedway
2 yrs/2007

Gary Hicks Sr.
Enthusiast Member/Riverside, CA

Dave Joiner
Industry Member/Fast Fridays Speedway
4 yrs/2009

Rick Miller
Enthusiast Member/Stevenson Ranch, CA
2 yrs/2007

Ken Saillant
AMA Representative/AMA Sports
Permanent Seat

Harald Zechner
Industry Member/RAZ Video

In addition to its Board of Directors, USA Speedway will have a standingRules Advisory Committee and an Executive Director. Bill Amick, who servedfor 30 years on the AMA's professional staff and is the current AMA Team USASpeedway Manager, is the Interim Executive Director of USA Speedway.

The AMA will maintain a permanent seat on the USA Speedway Board ofDirectors and Rules Advisory Committee, and AMA Sports Track Racing ManagerKen Saillant has been assigned to those posts.

"Formation of USA Speedway is an exciting development for the sport ofSpeedway and for AMA Sports," Saillant commented. "It makes a lot of sensefor the AMA to outsource the direction of such a specialized discipline, andthe sport's most influential leaders are unified in support of USASpeedway."

USA Speedway's headquarters will be provided by Heartland Media and Eventsin Mt. Vernon, Ohio. Here is the contact information:

USA SPEEDWAY INC.118 East High Street, Suite AMount Vernon, OH 43050Phone and Fax: (740) 397-1647

[email protected] Coming Soon:

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