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May marks the celebration of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, signaling an increase in motorcyclists taking to the roads with the arrival of favorable spring weather. Scott Schloegel, the Acting President and CEO of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, emphasizes the importance of motorist vigilance. He notes, "Motorcyclists, with their smaller profiles, can easily ‘vanish’ in a vehicle’s blind spots," stressing that although many vehicles today are equipped with blind-spot detection systems, they are not foolproof. He urges drivers to "use your eyes and mirrors and look twice, especially in your blind spots, before maneuvering on the road."

Safety Tips for Car and Truck Drivers

  • Actively Look for Motorcyclists: Check blind spots, around other vehicles, and natural obstacles like bushes and trees using mirrors and direct vision before making any maneuvers.
  • Focus on Driving: Avoid distractions from mobile phones, pets, and passengers to maintain attention on the road.
  • Use Turn Signals: Clearly signal all intended maneuvers to inform motorcyclists and other drivers, aiding in safer navigation and preventing sudden lane changes.
  • Give Space to Motorcyclists: Maintain a safe distance, avoiding tailgating or crowding next to riders to allow them sufficient room to maneuver and react to road conditions.
  • Secure All Cargo: Ensure that nothing is thrown out of the vehicle and that all cargo is secured to prevent road hazards.
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Safety Guidelines for Motorcycle and Scooter Riders

  • Be Visible: Wear bright clothing and a light-colored helmet, keep headlights on at all times, and use your brake light to signal when slowing or stopping.
  • Assume Invisibility: Operate under the assumption that other drivers may not see you, enhancing situational awareness and proactive hazard scanning.
  • Gear Up: Always wear appropriate protective gear, including full-face helmets, jackets, pants, gloves, and boots made of abrasion-resistant materials with added armor.
  • Follow Road Rules: Adhere to traffic laws to promote a safer driving environment; unexpected movements can confuse or startle other drivers, leading to accidents.
  • Pre-Ride Inspection: Perform checks on tires, wheels, fluids, cables, chassis, lights, electronics, and stands using the T-CLOCS inspection checklist before riding.

National Statistics and Educational Resources

Highlighting recent statistics, Schloegel mentions, "According to the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) in 2022 – the last year of complete data – motorcycle fatalities were up 1.2 percent." Motorcycles accounted for 15 percent of road fatalities, yet they represent just 3 percent of total road traffic. This underscores the critical need for heightened road safety awareness. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation offers numerous resources, including safety classes and courses that cater to different experience levels, all aimed at reducing accidents and enhancing rider skills.

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