Speed Wobble Ends In Devastation

Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff

It’s unfortunate when a motorcyclist ends up on the ground, and it’s especially cringe-inducing to watch a motorcyclist wearing minimal gear hit the ground this hard and slide for as long as we see here. A speed wobble can be devastating, and this head-shaking scenario recorded on California’s Interstate 80 near Sacramento is one the rider will never forget. We probably won’t, either…

Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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  • Craig Hoffman Craig Hoffman on Jul 06, 2017

    From the apparent background info that the rider had been wobbling off and on for awhile before the big one that took him down, and from his one hand on the bars riding style and finally lack of gear, my first reaction is "what a dumbass, he deserved what he got". Then again, what this rider got was brutal. I can't imagine the pain from all that road rash, his life will never be the same. In the end I feel sorry for the guy.

    I hope lots of other riders who are also cavalier with the loading and operation of their bikes and their gear (or lack thereof) see this video, understand what happened to this guy, and are at least given pause. I would not wish this fate on anyone. An important part of riding motorcycles is risk management - they can destroy you if not treated with proper respect. Never ignore or doubt that.

  • Sparks Farmer Sparks Farmer on Jul 14, 2017

    Hey! What the F%*k?
    Some guy, doing nothing but tooling down the road, and some of you are LOL'ing like Bozo's. Harping about "proper riding gear" or that's what he gets for riding a "saddle-bagged Lazy-Boy lounge chair."
    Are you really amused by a fellow biker crashing and using the road to peel off his skin like a cheese grater? I hope all you Lookie-Lou's feel a little bit taller, and proud of yourself. Yes, you are not that dumb, or inexperienced a rider to ever crash or wreck a bike. You never have tried to stretch a double into a triple, let alone run for home. You've never would have thought to wave the guy over and explain to him that he has too much weight on his ass-end, or his tires were low. Some want-a-be paparazzi, realized the guy was in serious trouble, but would rather film a guy who could have easily ended up as a fatality, than get involved and save a bikers life.
    Screw all of you!
    I hope you paid good money for that Karma bell you have dangling off your bike cause some people say, Karma is a bitch! I'm sure someone will be filming you, so others can get a little self-righteous boost.
    (My pardon to anyone who actually expressed sympathy or empathy for this guy.)