Yamaha‘s three-wheeled Niken is about to get a touring version, as a filing with the California Air Resources Board suggests a GT variant is coming for 2019.

Officially, Yamaha Motor USA classifies the Niken as a sport-touring model, despite not offering any luggage options, even as an accessory. As John Burns noted in his review, the Niken has the makings of a capable sport-tourer with comfortable ergonomics and electronic cruise control. Adding some storage and creature comforts such as heated grips and more wind protection would further improve its utility as a tourer.

Despite being listed on Yamaha USA’s site as a touring model, the Niken lacks any luggage mounting hardware, and Yamaha does not offer any accessory bags. That may change with the new Niken GT.

Earlier this month, CARB published an executive order for two Yamaha models designated as the MXT9KGY and MXT9GTKL. Unlike other manufacturers, Yamaha uses internal model codes (including color designations) for its vehicle certification instead of their more recognizable consumer names. Yamaha’s code names follow a specific pattern: model code + model year + color. In this case, the “GY” stands for the Niken’s Granite Gray color while the “K” is the NHTSA-designated code for the 2019 model year (2018 was “J”, and 2020 will be “L”).

We also know from various OEM parts retailers such as YamahaPart.com and Partsfish.com, and even dealer websites that the Niken uses the model code “MXT9KGY.” It follows, then, that “MXT9GTKL” stands for a 2019 Yamaha Niken GT, with the final “L” being typically used by Yamaha for the color blue.

For the Niken GT, we expect to see color-matched luggage and, likely, a taller windscreen. We wouldn’t be surprised to see handguards as well, like the ones on the Tracer 900. In fact, Niken GT may be positioned as an alternative to the Tracer and the Tracer GT variant. They all share the same 847cc three-cylinder engine as the MT-09, but the Niken offers a different ride experience with the second front wheel.

The Niken’s windscreen is relatively short for a touring model. We expect the Niken GT to have a taller screen and possibly handguards.

We expect to see the 2019 Yamaha Niken GT debut in a about a week at the EICMA show in Milan. As always, we’ll have the latest information as it becomes available right here on Motorcycle.com.