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In 1996, the cruiser market in America was introduced to the initial Star motorcycle, the Royal Star. Over the next few years, more Stars appeared on Yamaha’s manifest, in the form of V-Stars, Drag Stars, and Royal Star variations. In 2006, the company decided to commit to the flourishing line of motorcycles by creating Star Motorcycles as a brand separate from the mothership, much as Toyota did with Lexus and Nissan with Infiniti. Eventually journalists and riders, alike, became accustomed to what, at first, seemed arbitrary and unnatural – since Yamaha logos were still featured in discreet locations on Star Motorcycles.

1996 Yamaha Royal Star Tour Classic

2006 Star Stratoliner Press Introduction

Well, now that’s going to change. A few weeks ago, we noticed that was forwarding to Yamaha’s website. So, we inquired with our media contacts and have now heard back with the official word from the tuning fork company:

“As the cruiser motorcycle market in the U.S. continues to evolve and mature, we feel that the best opportunity for future sales success and growth from each Star cruiser model is to integrate our model line with other Yamaha models that hold the strong brand identity, the heritage and the DNA that define the Yamaha Brand. This means that we will begin to promote our Star models in parallel with other Yamaha models, understanding that the cruiser customer is still looking for a unique retail environment and purchase experience from your dealership where personalization is key.

“In order to better integrate synergies with the other key Yamaha models, the establishment of a new Street segment called “Sport Heritage” will be part of this new positioning and marketing integration.

“This transition has already begun on our website, with consumer literature, and with our national event programs.”

yamaha website clipping

The Cruiser/Touring and Sport Heritage categories are now listed on the Yamaha website.

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