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September 22, 2017
| On 5 years ago

Suzuki SV650X Concept Headed for 2017 Tokyo Motor Show

Suzuki will present a SV650X next month at the Tokyo Motor Show, showcasing a “neo-retro” version of its naked V-Twin. Though it looks to be production ready, Suzuki says the SV650X is only a concept, and the company says it hopes to gauge consumer reaction before deciding whether to put it into production (which seems like a familiar theme for Suzuki this year.)

The SV650X is actually an evolution on the Sv650 Rally concept model introduced last year in Tokyo (pictured below. Like its predecessor, the SV650X receives a bikini fairing with tinted screen, fog lamps, clip-ons and ribbed seat.

Not much appears to have changed from the SV650 Rally concept shown at last year’s show. The SV650X concept loses the dual silencers, bar-end mirrors and pillion seat cover, replacing them with components used on the production SV650.

“The SV650 Rally concept generated a lot of interest at last year’s show, with retro-styled machines proving very popular among riders,” says Paul de Lusignan, general manager of Suzuki GB. “The SV650X is an evolution of that concept, and shows how that would translate to a production machine. Currently we cannot confirm a production schedule. We will first assess reactions to the SV650X before finalising plans.”

Otherwise, there doesn’t appear to be much changed from the regular SV650 – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it remains a favorite here at MO, even after the departure of SV fanboy Troy.) The SV650X will make its public debut at the Tokyo Motor Show on Oct. 27 but the true gauge of whether Suzuki has any serious intentions of putting the SV650X into production is if the bike also gets shown at EICMA the following week where it will see a much larger audience.