V-Strom 250

Suzuki’s presentation at AIMExpo was devoid of new-product announcements, preferring to tout its recent offerings to younger and entry-level markets like the GSX250R and GW250s.

2018 Suzuki GSX250R Review

Suzuki insisted these bikes that are manufactured in China are “real Suzukis,” designed by Suzuki and built by Suzuki.

“For $4,499 you can have a high-quality Suzuki,” said the company’s PR rep Avery Innes. “These bikes have the same fit and finish and care put into them as a GSX-R1000.”

Near the end of its presentation, Suzuki uncovered a V-Strom 250, a bike previously announced for other world markets but not yet officially added to the brand’s American lineup.

“We are looking very seriously at bringing the V-Strom 250 to the U.S. soon,” said Innes, “so we brought one along to the show to solicit feedback.”

So we and Suzuki are wondering if America would be interested in an adventure-styled 250cc motorcycle. Please respond in the comments section.

Check out our video from AIMExpo of the potential 2018 Suzuki V-Strom 250.

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