What Kind of Short-term (seasonal) Motorcycle Insurance Options Are Available?

Leslie Kay
by Leslie Kay

As for the short term insurance policies, I would suggest that most policies are written on a six month or annual basis. You could chose to cancel mid-term, and some insurance carriers may offer a lay-up period during the winter months. However, keep in mind should you get that beautiful day during the lay-up dates, you’ll need to contact your motorcycle insurance agent to see about rewriting or having coverage fully reinstated before you ride.

Also note that if you cancel, you may lose valuable discounts or policy benefits (I.e.: renewal discounts, disappearing deductibles, etc.). Always ask lots of questions when making a decision like this. Make sure you call your agent before you get back on the road after a lay-up period on your insurance. Be certain that the coverage is in force first.

Leslie Kay
Leslie Kay’s, Inc.

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