Most popular articles of 2017

Here at, we try to cover the breadth of motorcycling. Every day, we strive to find and deliver the very best that the world of motorcycles has to offer. In the spirit of that endeavor, we look forward to the end of the year as an opportunity to gaze back over the past 12 months to see where we were successful. We’ve found the best way to gauge how well we have achieved our goal is to look at what articles our readers have been clicking on as they visited our site or queried search engines.

What follows are the results of a deep dive into MO’s analytics concerning the stories published in 2017. In order for this to be a fair representation, we took the number of hits generated by each article and divided it by the number of months that it was online. We have to admit that there were a few surprises. For example, the news about the complete overhaul of the Harley-Davidson Softail line didn’t crack the top 10 – or 20 – though perhaps that is because everyone else was writing about it, too.

Read on and be enlightened.

10. 10 Great Motorcycle Rides In North America

Everybody wants to know how their favorite roads compare to others across the country. Or maybe enough of you were planning your future rides. Regardless, enough of you clicked on this article for it to rank 10th for 2017. Take a look, you might find your new love.

10 Great Motorcycle Rides In North America

9. Top 10 Personal Favorite Harley-Davidsons

FNG Brent Jaswinski has got to be pretty stoked to see one of his articles crack the top 10 most-read articles of the year. After all, he’s only been an official MOron for a couple months. Still, his list of personal favorite Harleys obviously resonated with MO readers. Congratulations, Brent, now get back to work washing those motorcycles!

Top 10 Personal Favorite Harley-Davidsons

8. 2017 Superbike Spec Chart Shootout

While we knew that our 2017 Superbike Shootout would be one of the most read articles of the year, we were surprised that an article which had no actual riding would rank so high. Perhaps it’s that March is still pretty chilly in great swaths of the U.S., and people need to cosy up to a good spec sheet (moto-porn?) to do a little fantasy riding.

2017 Superbike Spec Chart Shootout

7. First Look: 2018 Honda Gold Wing And Gold Wing Tour

The wholesale update to the venerable Honda Gold Wing was long overdue. After all, the most recent of what Honda calls its Gold Wing milestone models was released in 2001. Since then, the Wing had only gotten mild freshening. Well, that’s all changing for 2018, and you readers, with your curiosity about what the reimagining of the Wing holds, have put it in among the most read articles of the year.

First Look: 2018 Honda Gold Wing And Gold Wing Tour

6. 2017 KTM 390 Duke Review

We expect bikes like the Gold Wing and other flagship motorcycles to attract attention, but to have a small-displacement motorcycle in the mix shows what a great job KTM is doing with the 390 Duke. You readers have voted with your clicks the same way we voted on the Best Lightweight/Entry-Level Motorcycle Of 2017.

2017 KTM 390 Duke Review

5. 2017 Superbike Street Shootout

We expected the 2017 Superbike Shootout to be on our year-end most read list, and here it is. Of note in this selection is that it only covers the street portion of the shootout. If we’d added in the 2017 Superbike Track Shootout, the article would place even higher in the rankings. Still, when we think about it, the vast majority of superbike owners spend most of their riding time on the street. So, naturally, they’d want to know how they rated in that environment.

2017 Superbike Street Shootout

2017 Superbike Track Shootout

2017 Superbike Shootout Vanquisher

4. Polaris Is Closing Victory Motorcycles

Unfortunately, the story for Victory Motorcycles wasn’t rosy in 2017. Polaris had been investing heavily into its Victory lineup, making us excited about its future products. But after adding Indian Motorcycle to its portfolio, Polaris ultimately decided there wasn’t room for both companies in the marketplace and refocused its efforts on the brand that enjoys a rich history and resonance with consumers, Indian. Sadly, Victory’s 18-year run is over.

Polaris Is Closing Victory Motorcycles

3. 10 Best Beginner Motorcycles

While the bulk of’s readers are experienced riders, we MOrons want to grow the sport that we have based so much of our lives around. That’s why we try to put out articles to give important information to both aspirational riders and novices. Yeah, some of the content may not be of interest to grizzled veterans, but we were all newbies once. Help them out and grow the sport.

10 Best Beginner Motorcycles

2. The Most Expensive Production Motorcycles In The World

We can’t help it. Humans are naturally curious about how the 1% lives. So, here’s your chance to see the cost of exclusivity. With prices ranging from around $26,000 to almost $170,000, there’s something here for every level of wretched excess. Fun reading for those with caviar tastes but tuna fish budgets.

The Most Expensive Production Motorcycles In The World

1. The 10 Most Reliable Motorcycle Companies

While the second-place article published in 2017 may have dealt with the rarified prices that only the few can afford, the most popular article posted on shows that many of us have more practical concerns when looking for our dream machine. Go take a look at where your favorite marque ranks on the list originally compiled by Consumer Reports. Some of the results may surprise you.

The 10 Most Reliable Motorcycle Companies