Friday Forum Foraging: Low-Mileage 2020 BMW R Nine T

Troy Siahaan
by Troy Siahaan

His loss is your gain

It's unfortunate when Father Time catches up to us and holds us back from the things we enjoy. And some of us, unfortunately, are forced to give up some things we love because our bodies aren't what they used to be. Such is the case here with this lovely 2020 BMW R Nine T /5. A nearly pristine example of BMW's retro roadster, this particular one has less than 1000 miles on it from its previous two owners combined.

In this case, the seller's body and health issues are forcing him to sell simply because it hurts too much to ride it. For $10,500, it's a fine example of an R Nine T with little miles and an attractive price. The blue paint sparkles with the sunlight, and the overall condition of the bike is so clean you could eat off it.

You can read the seller's full description below, but to see even more pictures of the bike and to contact him, visit the original posting on our sister site,

2020 R Nine T /5 w/965 Miles and factory tach

$10,500 USD

Louisville, Kentucky

Jun 13, 2023 (Edited Jun 13, 2023)

Hello all, yes the title/subject line is correct; the bike only has 965 miles on it. I purchased it from the original owner when it only had 351 miles. While I have greatly enjoyed “most” of my time with the bike in the last several months - it’s the first BMW I have ever owned in 19 years and 29 bikes of street riding - my achy body and health issues can pretty much no longer tour on anything other than an , straight up and down bike. I already knew this when I purchased it but it is so blasted beautiful, I kind of convinced myself I could make it work. It is not remotely aggressive at all but even with offset risers (2” up and 1” back) I still could not enjoy it as much as it can/should be enjoyed, and would have to cut rides short due to aches and such. Rather easily, it is the most gorgeous motorcycle I have ever owned and I’ll miss staring lustily at it in the garage 😀. Even said, it is my only bike right now and I need something on which I can tour comfortably.

It was purchased by me (52 years old) of the older (62) original owner, a Boeing mechanic. He paid to have the factory tach installed at purchase. The /5 models come standard with heated grips, btw. I added the rear tire hugger and a very small “Nine T” badged handle to make removing the seat easier. More importantly, I paid only a month ago to have the first service done and for a new battery to be installed (receipt here attached). It also has the nice Nine T outdoor cover along with the dust cover. Included are 2 bike keys, one seat key, original owner’s manual.

It is as sharp and clean as it seems. The only cosmetic issue on the whole bike is a very thin, almost paper thin scratch on the back of the tank. It is barely visible and may buff out but it is deep enough to feel with your finger. I think the original owner said it might have been due to a jacket zipper. That is really the only very small blemish on a like new motorcycle. Title is clear in my name. I can pick you up at the airport if you wish to do a fly and ride. No trades. PM me here if interested. I have attached photos. I also have a link to a cold start video I can provide. For its overall condition, low miles, factory tach, I think the 10.5 price is a fair one.

Troy Siahaan
Troy Siahaan

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  • Mad4TheCrest Mad4TheCrest on Jun 24, 2023

    The owner updated the posting to say he'd decided to keep the bike. Apparently he found a set of risers even higher than the first effort and it works for him now. I was weighing how much a trip to Kentucky and the long drive home would add to the cost 😉

  • Hacksaw Hacksaw on Aug 02, 2023

    Nice bike! Maybe with the low seat option I could be convinced to part with my R65