Friday Forum Foraging: A Pair Of Vintage BMWs

This is a cool find, especially for vintage BMW heads. Here we have not one, but two BMWs – and the newer one is 50 years old! The first is a 1970 R50/5 and the second is a 1973 R75/6. Both are located in Vermont, and surprisingly, the owner says these were daily riders. In fact, they'll continue to be until someone buys them from him.

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Friday Forum Foraging: Low-Mileage 2020 BMW R Nine T

His loss is your gain

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Although many readers are not aware of this service, has a Classifieds Section that can be quite useful for selling your motorcycle. Previously, sellers had the option of two tiers of advertisements, $5 and $20, which delivered different services. However, since the upgrade of the site to its new publishing platform, is offering readers a free classified service for selling their motorcycles. 

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Friday Forum Foraging: 1998 Honda Valkyrie – Mechanic's Special!

Even when I'm not on the hunt for something, I like the thrill of finding a (potentially) good deal. What we have here could possibly be that bike. This 1998 Honda Valkyrie comes to us from our sister site/forum, where for the measly sum of $2500 US dollars, you could walk away with this mostly complete Valkyrie with less than 4,000 miles on the clock.

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Friday Forum Foraging: 2014 Honda CTX 1300 Deluxe

Where do we even start with this one? Found on our sister site,, there’s a lot to talk about with this CTX1300. Though I suppose we could start with the CTX1300 itself. If you don’t remember, the CTX1300 is a little bit like a space-age cruiser. You’ve got that long and low appearance we’re used to with cruisers, but with a very distinct, almost futuristic, style that clearly can’t be lumped in with your traditional cruiser. Honda was going somewhere with this, we’re just not sure where. Then there’s the engine. Based on the VFR1200 V4, this compact four-cylinder packed a healthy amount of power and driveability, along with a very cool soundtrack to boot.

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Friday Forum Foraging: 2001 Honda GL 1800A Gold Wing

Deep down, in the far reaches of your brain, lie thoughts about riding a Gold Wing across the country. With your feet up, radio blasting, your significant other sitting in back, and the hum of the six-cylinder purring away as the miles melt away; how could you not want to give the ‘Wing a go? It doesn’t matter what you ride now, or what genre of motorcycling you identify with – Gold Wings permeate past every single niche. What’s not to love about riding a couch on wheels?

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