Friday Forum Foraging: 2001 BMW K1200 LTC With ALL The Fixins

It might be old enough to drink, but this fully-kitted 2001 BMW K 1200 LT Custom still looks brand new. And as you can tell by the pictures, it's been outfitted with a ton of goodies to make it an absolute delight for burning away miles on the road – for a little extra, the owner is even throwing in 15 cu. ft. trailer. With nearly 42,000 miles on the clock, if you do the math, that comes out to a little under 1,900 miles a year – it's barely been ridden!

You can see the full list of mods and maintenance in the reprint of the ad below, or visit the forum. For $6,100, it seems like a great buy for the right person.

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Friday Forum Foraging: Too Good To Be True Yamaha R6

Scam or steal? You decide.

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Friday Forum Foraging: Name Your Price BMW R1200 GSA

2008 R1200 GSA.

In very good condition. Currently mileage as of 4/3/2023 is 55,000miles and going up as I ride. All maintenance is up to date (see below) and this bike needs nothing but a new rider. Located in Chambersburg PA

Price on Stromtroopers and a few other sites will start out at $7,599.99 on 4/30/2023 and every day after that at 7:00:01 AM EST the price will decrease by $50. This takes all the need for negotiations out of the picture and you pay what you want too and not a penny more. When the price reaches the amount you want to pay, Respond to this thread calling dibs (this will time stamp your price) and hope someone else did not beat you by 1 second or $50. Good Luck!

Bike comes with the following:

• GSA panniers and racks

• GSA rear rack

• Upper/lower crash bars

• Radiator guard

• Headlight guard

• Beak protector

• Garmin 395LM base (no GPS its on my other GS)

• Hyperpro ESA suspension Rear shock was rebuilt last year also comes with a coupon for a free rebuild of the front shock.

• Fog light converted to LED

• Remus headers

• Delkavic muffler

Maintenance completed since buying on 7/2/2021

• 7/9/21 – Checked and set valves @ 49,226 miles.

• 7/10/21 – Changed transmission oil with 800cc’s 75W-90 @ 49,389 miles.

• 7/10/21 - Changed rear drive oil with 180cc’s of 75W-90 @ 49,389 miles.

• 7/10/21 – Flushed and bled front and rear brakes with DOT4 brake fluid

• 7/10/21 – Replaced air filter with a Mahale LX 984/2 at 49,389 miles

• 7/10/21 – Cleaned stepper motors @ 49,389 miles

• 7/11/21 – Changed engine oil and filter with 4L Mobil 1 15W-50 and HiFlo #164 filter at $49,389 miles.

• 7/12/21 – Alternator belt Continental 4PK 611 ($20.00) @ 49,400 miles

• 7/13/21 – Upper swingarm boot $54.00 replaced at 49,400 miles.

• 7/13/21 – Checked, cleaned, and repacked swingarm pivot bearings. Both were clean and smooth in operation at 49,400 miles.

• 7/13/21 – Clean and repacked needle bearing on rear drive pivot.

• 9/6/21 – Installed Aux beam H11 LED fog light bulbs @ 50,665 miles.

• 4/30/22 – New Dunlop TrailSmart rear tire at $52,667 miles.

• 8/6/22 – Fuel pump recall completed at 53,621 miles at Kissells Motorsports

• 8/6/22 – Fuel strip replaced with new at 53,621 miles @ Kissells Motosports for $253.50

• 8/17/22 – Replaced rear brake pads EBC FA363HH) @ 54,068 miles

• 9/25/22 – Replaced drive shaft with a Ted Porter rebuildable unit @ 54,121 miles

• 9/25/22 – Replaced rear drive oil with 180cc’s of75W-90 @ 54,121 miles

• 9/25/22 – Replaced lower swing arm rubber boot @ 54,121 miles

• 11/1/22 – Replace the fuel pump side fuel quick connects with CPC @ 54,362 miles

• 1/14/23 – Replaced the sparkplugs with NGK DCPR8EXC (NGK 7168) @ 53,640 miles.

• 1/25/23 – Replaced F/R TPMS @ 54,698 miles.

• 2/3/23 – Replaced L/R Throttle body pulleys with new Bing Pulleys @ 54,735 mil

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Friday Forum Foraging: 2009 V-Strom 650A For Just $2500

By the time you read this, this ultra-clean 2009 Suzuki V-Strom 650 could very well be sold. If it's not, and you're looking for one, this looks to be a great buy. This example comes to us from our sister site The V-Strom 650 needs no introduction, as it's one of the most versatile street bikes ever made. Power comes from Suzuki's workhorse – the 645cc V-Twin first seen in the SV650, with iterations of the same basic engine still in production today, 20-something years later.

Treated properly, the 650 engine will return the love, as seen in this example. With over 60,000 miles on the odometer, the owner (who also happens to be the first and only person to have ever owned this 'Strom) says the bike has seen some miles, but has also been well-maintained and should be ready to face another 60,000 miles without a hiccup.

To sweeten the pot, this 'Strom comes with a laundry list of aftermarket accessories, itself worth the $2500 asking price alone. We're talking Jesse Odyssey side cases, Givi top case, Garmin GPS, heated grips, Barkbusters, new chain and sprockets, new radiator, fresh tires, and SW Motech crash bars – just to name a few.

We've copied the original listing below, but be sure to visit the original listing at to get all the information and to contact the seller.

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Friday Forum Foraging: 1998 Honda Valkyrie – Mechanic's Special!

Even when I'm not on the hunt for something, I like the thrill of finding a (potentially) good deal. What we have here could possibly be that bike. This 1998 Honda Valkyrie comes to us from our sister site/forum, where for the measly sum of $2500 US dollars, you could walk away with this mostly complete Valkyrie with less than 4,000 miles on the clock.

I say mostly because the bike doesn't run. It looks like the owner pulled the starter from the mighty six-cylinder, and they suspect that maybe the rear engine case needs replacing. This could be a simple fix to get back on the road or it could be something more involved, but for $2500, it could be an awesome deal if you're handy with a wrench and a Valkyrie service manual.

Check out the ad below:

I just purchased this 1998 Valkyrie from the original owner. 3,760 original miles and has been off the road since 2006. The bike was always garaged and the owner said it never saw rain. I was told it only needs a starter. So i pulled the starter today and i think it hydrolocked and needs a rear engine case.

I think this is too much for me to tackle so i am putting it up for sale here. Comes with original bill of sale, owners manual and other paperwork from when new.

The bike is complete and in great condition, except for the issue with the engine case/starter. It is too nice to part out and should be fixed, hopefully by someone other than myself.

I am asking $2500 and am taking a big loss on this bike but my garage is small and the bike is taking up a lot of room.

The bike is located in Nassau County, NY

Please let me know if you have any questions,

See the full ad at

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Friday Forum Foraging: 2014 Honda CTX 1300 Deluxe

Where do we even start with this one? Found on our sister site,, there’s a lot to talk about with this CTX1300. Though I suppose we could start with the CTX1300 itself. If you don’t remember, the CTX1300 is a little bit like a space-age cruiser. You’ve got that long and low appearance we’re used to with cruisers, but with a very distinct, almost futuristic, style that clearly can’t be lumped in with your traditional cruiser. Honda was going somewhere with this, we’re just not sure where. Then there’s the engine. Based on the VFR1200 V4, this compact four-cylinder packed a healthy amount of power and driveability, along with a very cool soundtrack to boot.

All of that leads into what we have here. This is a really clean example of a CTX1300 that has clearly been used for what it was meant for – burning away miles in absolute comfort. Judging by how the paint shines and the chrome pops in these photos, you’d think this was a new bike with no miles. But that’s far from the truth. With a tick over 19,000 miles on the odometer, this owner takes care of their CTX just as much as they ride it. They even claim that not a single body panel tab has been broken, which is actually an impressive feat on today’s motorcycles.

Sure the title of the post is a bit over the top, but you do need to admit it’s a clean bike. With an asking price of $8,499, it’s also a decent deal for the right person. See the full listing below.

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Friday Forum Foraging: Hayabusa Dragbike Rolling Chassis

Well, here’s something a little different, and it comes to us from our sister site If you’ve ever wanted to give proper drag racing a try, this rolling chassis of a Hayabusa drag bike could be the perfect starter package. If you don’t know what a rolling chassis is, well, it can mean many things. At its most basic, a rolling chassis is just that – a chassis/frame and the required pieces to fit wheels on it so it can roll and move around. What we have here appears to be a complete motorcycle, minus an engine.

I don’t know much about drag bikes, but I do know a thing or two about building a bike into something to serve a specific purpose (track riding in my case): Unless you really love turning your own wrenches, and the associated costs of doing so, it’s easier and more economical to pick up someone else’s project that has most of the work already done. That seems to be the case here.

According to the seller, this rolling chassis has never been raced, will weigh well under 400lbs when ready to rock, and can get you into the mid-eight-second territory with a stock Hayabusa engine. It’s already setup to accept said Hayabusa engine, so if you have a modified one laying around, here’s the perfect home for it. Billet motor mounts, Brembo brakes, controls, wheels, tires, and bodywork are included. All this for $3800. Sounds pretty fun to us. Here’s the full listing:

Drag bike Chassis $3800
70” drag bike chassis, Chrome Moly Steel, super lightweight and super strong. NEVER RACED. Setup for a Hayabusa engine. Will run low to mid 8’s with a stock engine. Race ready will weight 340-360lbs.The motor unbolts and drops straight down (20m to remove) for easy access/maintenance.
10×26-15 rear tire on a 10” wheel.
Includes all of the following:
Powered coated chassis, billet motor mounts, front and rear Brembo brakes, master cylinders, throttle, power/start controls, front and rear wheels and tires. Fitted body. Standard front end and clip on bars. Correct offset front sprocket. Rear sprocket. Add your Busa engine and race..

See the full post at

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Friday Forum Foraging: 2022 Kawasaki H2 Carbon

It’s posts like these that helped spawn the idea for these Friday Forum Foraging posts in the first place. This particular one comes from one of our sister sites, We don’t know the seller, nor do we know the life circumstance that has caused them to sell this basically new 2022 Kawasaki H2 Carbon with only four miles on it, but this is definitely out of the ordinary. And that’s what we like around here.

For those who don’t know, the Kawasaki H2 Carbon is basically Kawasaki’s road-legal land missile. Built to go fast in a straight line, the aggressive and streamlined looks are only topped by the 1000cc four-banger strapped with a supercharger. The H2 and its variants are completely wild, and that supercharged engine is one of the coolest powerplants ever to grace a production motorcycle. If the urge to own one speaks to you, and you’re anywhere near Orlando with 35-large in your pocket, maybe give this person a call. His (or her) full listing is below, but follow the link at the bottom for two more pictures and contact information.

2022 H2 Carbon, has 4 miles on it. I purchased it and garaged it at my parents house and flew back to NY for work. I’ve never rode it. it’s basically brand new. I had it transported from the dealer to my mom’s garage. 2 keys included 1 open the other still in blue wrapping Extended warranty included. $35,500

See the post at

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Friday Forum Foraging: 1958 BMW R60 w/Sidecar And Trailer

You might be familiar with Bring a Trailer for its selection of cool cars that are up for auction, but did you know BaT also has a motorcycle page? Just as with the cars, the moto page is filled with cool and interesting submissions, including this 1958 BMW R/60 modified to accept a Geko sidecar and PAV single-wheel trailer.

As we can tell from the description, the bike was given a full restoration in 2008 and it sounds like no bolt was left untouched in the process. The engine, transmission, electrical, brakes, and suspension all got a full makeover to perform as good as, or better than, new. As you can see, there are not one, but two distinguishing features – those being the sidecar and the trailer.

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Friday Forum Foraging: 2009 Kawasaki ZX14

Kawasaki’s answer to the Suzuki Hayabusa, the ZX-14R was all about straight-line speed – up to 186 mph, or 300 kph – the speed all the Japanese manufacturers had a gentleman’s agreement on for a speed cap. Legendary in drag racing thanks to the likes of Ricky Gadson, the ZX-14 carved quite a niche for itself alongside the ‘Busa for being fast. Like the ‘Busa, the ZX-14 was also an underrated sport-touring bike, too. With some luggage on the back, many found the large ride to be comfortable, and even quite good, at chewing up big miles.

This brings us to our Friday find of the week. With only 2,714 miles on this 2009 ZX-14, chewing up miles doesn’t appear to be what this bike was used for – that comes out to about 200 miles per year! The good news is that, with so little miles on the clock, the bike still looks to be in pristine condition. The seller says it has lowering springs, so that should come out in favor of the stockers if sport-touring is your jam. It’s too bad this poor guy has to let the bike go due to age and injury, but at least he’s still willing to ride if a Gold Wing came along. For $9,000, this seems like a fair price for a virtually untouched motorcycle. See the ad below:

Second owner with 2,714 miles. Stock apart from the Muzzy’s rotor (I have the OEM rotor) installed by the original owner. I have the clear screen, seat hump, radiator guard, all black bodywork inserts if you don’t like green, owners manual, shop manual. It has a Shorai battery and I’ll include the charger. I also have a tail tidy and air filter, and lowering fork springs. I hurt my neck when I bought it and hoped physical therapy and time would make things better but my 62 year old body is not happy. I might trade for well maintained fuel injected Goldwing. I can send more pics if needed.

See the forum post here.

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Friday Forum Foraging: 2019 KTM Super Duke R

Today’s Friday Forum Foraging post comes to you from New Salem Borough, Pennsylvania and the KTM forums, where we find this fine example of a 2019 KTM Super Duke R. Looking at the pictures alone, it seems like this owner has taken good care of his SDR. Having long been one of our favorite streetfighters, the Super Duke R is a thrill machine. Starting with its 1301cc V-Twin, the outrageous engine is anything but short for power. Coupled with a strong WP suspension and Brembo brake package, the SDR lives up to KTM’s Ready to Race mantra.

This example here has a modest 5200 miles on the clock, and we can only assume it was ridden responsibly by its 62-year-old owner. Garage kept and never abused, the maintenance list includes new tires, fresh oil, a new rear spring, and Andreani Misano fork cartridges. For the seller’s $15,000 asking price the bike also comes with an aftermarket seat, a different windscreen, a rear bag, a tank bag, and a Leo Vince slip-on exhaust.

If you’ve been looking for one, you’ll be getting your money’s worth with this SDR. See the posting below:

I’m selling my 2019 KTM SDR. The bike has 5200 miles most came from a few long-distance rides. I’m selling because I’m 62 and heading in a different direction. The bike has always been garage kept and very well maintained and never abused. . Bike has new tire, fresh oil change. I have installed a new rear spring for my weight (200lbs) and new Andreani Misiano fork Cartridges. Also put frame sliders and other guards. I installed a Powersport seat and Puig racing windshield and rear bag. Tank has a Givi ring for the quick lock Tang bag and I have a 2nd rear seat with a Givi ring mount to it for other luggage bags. I also have a Leo Vince Slip-on I used it for a mouth. I run the stock can because I like the quiet. I have all stock parts and a carbon fiber rear cowl seat cover and extra oil filters. Also just installed KTM heated grips. This bike looks and rides like new. Asking price is $15,000.00. If you have any questions or need more photos email me at

See the forum post here.

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Friday Forum Foraging: 2005 BMW R1200GS

Who doesn’t love a good BMW GS story? This one is especially good. Today’s example is a 2005 R1200GS – ironically, listed at the V-Strom forum – with over 100,000 miles. If the ad (reposted below) is any indication, the bike has 133,600 miles to be exact. The GS has been known to be virtually bulletproof, and this bike is driving home that point.

What’s interesting is it appears as though the seller has only owned the bike for slightly more than a week, has possibly taken parts off of it to use on other bikes, and is turning around and offering it up for sale again. The good news is he/she seems upfront in the listing about what’s good, what’s bad, and his intentions with the bike. The list of maintenance items performed also should go far in easing a potential buyer’s fears about a high-mileage GS.

Really, we just want someone to buy it, put another 100,000 miles on it, and report back about how the bike is doing.

I bought this little beauty last Sunday and have gone through it from front to back and it is completely serviced and detailed and ready to go. This bike has high miles and is why it prices so reasonably. It should have many 10’s of 1000’s of miles left in it with minimal care. The 1/2 mile I rode it around the neighborhood last Sunday was amazing. I felt free as a bird with the wind in my face and sun on my shoulders. on the 1/2 mile adventure of a lifetime.

FWIW I bought it for several reasons

1. I wanted something to work on.
2. I wanted the Ohlins GSA length suspension that was on it for another project.
3. I wanted the GSA fuel tank that was on it for one of my other bikes

The bike needs nothing but a new rider. Full disclosure there are 4 open recalls on this bike.

1. Fuel pump
2. Rear wheel flange
3. ABS sensor
4. Banjo fitting

All that need done is call the local BMW dealership they will schedule the work to be done free of charge no questions asked. You’ll get a new fuel pump ($479 value) steel rear wheel flange (not the original aluminium) and some minor brake parts all free of charge.

I have a clean clear PA title in my name and ready to transfer. Bike is located in Chambersburg PA.

2/6/23 – Oil and filter change. Mobil-1 15W-50 and Hiflo #164 filter 133.600 miles
2/6/23 – Changed transmission oil with 800cc’s of Valvoline 75W-90 Full synthetic gear oil @ 133,600 miles.
2/7/23 – Changed rear drive oil with 180cc’s of Valvoline 75W-90 Full synthetic gear oil @ 133,600 miles.
2/7/23 – Replaced swingarm pivot bearings with Rulman Art 32303 tapered roller bearings @ 133,600 miles.
2/7/23 – Clean and repacked needle bearings on rear drive pivot @ 133,600 miles
2/7/23 – Cleaned and lubed upper and lower driveline splines with Wurth SIG3000 @ 133,600 miles.
2/7/23 – Clean inspected and treated the driveline rubber boots (both were in excellent shape) @ 133,600 miles.
2/7/23 – Cleaned rear brake caliper and slide pin at 133,600 miles.
2/8/23 – Checked and set valves @133,600 miles.
2/8/23 – Replaced all 4 sparkplugs with NGK DCPR8EXC (NGK 7168) @ 133,600 miles.
2/8/23 – Flushed and bled the iABS-III/Servo braking system @ 133,600 miles.
2/12/23 – Cleaned throttle bodies and replaced the throttle cables pulleys with reinforced units. Originals were cracked @ 133,600 miles.
2/12/23 – Installed battery @ 133,600 miles.
2/13/23 – Connected to GS-911 and ran a diagnostics to check for fault codes. None were found. Also calibrated stepper motors, TPS and shifter @ 133,600 miles.

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Friday Forum Foraging: 1993 Honda CBR900RR

It’s another Friday, and we’re back again with another Honda. It’s even sourced from the same forum as before – the Bay Area Riders Forum. In searching for last week’s post, a few gems stood out and I knew I had to get to this one after last week’s Gold Wing post. Why? Well, here’s the story behind this 1993 Honda CBR900RR, straight from the seller himself:

We all love a good story: First engine blew up and got rid of that. Put in another 1993 CBR900RR engine – unknown mileage but it works fine. I did a compression test and it was fine. I also did a valve adjustment then too when replacing the engine. The bike runs but the carbs need to be tuned/cleaned. It has had issues getting started without a bit of extra fuel thrown in but it started up just fine on Nov 4. The choke cable needs to be replaced. The choke cables seem to come pre-rusted from the factory.

It has nearly new Bridgestone S22s. Registration is paid up through July or somewhere around there. The paintwork and bodywork is rough – the seat needs to be reupholstered. It has aftermarket rearsets (they’re nice), aftermarket levers, and an aftermarket exhaust. (It’s a nice one but it is a *bit* loud) It has some sliders as well.

$1000 takes it and I will throw in a motorcycle cover, any spare parts I have, factory service manual and the aftermarket service manual. I want it gone. I restored this bike at one point and had it working beautifully then the engine blew and I lost motivation to go through it all again. (Admittedly I did get it working – I just didn’t have the patience to get it working perfectly)

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Friday Forum Foraging: 2001 Honda GL 1800A Gold Wing

Deep down, in the far reaches of your brain, lie thoughts about riding a Gold Wing across the country. With your feet up, radio blasting, your significant other sitting in back, and the hum of the six-cylinder purring away as the miles melt away; how could you not want to give the ‘Wing a go? It doesn’t matter what you ride now, or what genre of motorcycling you identify with – Gold Wings permeate past every single niche. What’s not to love about riding a couch on wheels?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, this lovely example of a 2001 Honda GL 1800A Gold Wing is tastefully-outfitted, ready to go, and will only set you back $7800. Located in the California Bay Area, this week’s Friday Forum Foraging submission comes to us from the Bay Area Rider’s Forum, more commonly known as BARF.

First listed in April of 2021 (no, that’s not a typo), the seller says he’s been reluctant to place an ad for it anywhere other than BARF and the GL forums because of nightmare stories of scammers targeting sellers on Craigslist and sellers getting held at gunpoint from seemingly innocent parties who want a motorcycle but have no intention of paying for it.

And so, here we are. You can see for yourself from these pictures that this ‘Wing has been well cared for during its 20,000 miles on the road. With an engine with more cylinders than my car, I’d probably pick this thing to motor across the country with if I had to pick between the two.

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