The Supershirt From Adventure Spec. Tough As Leather, Light As A Feather.

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ATGATT in one simple shirt.

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Today Adventure Spec launches The Supershirt, a CE AA rated motorcycling base layer that is set to transform the way you gear up for your ride.

The Supershirt gives motorcycle riders the freedom to wear whatever they want for their ride without compromising safety, style or comfort.

Unlike traditional armoured base layers that require abrasion protection to be worn as a jacket over the top, The Supershirt combines both impact protection and abrasion protection into a remarkably thin, wicking and breathable base layer.

By wearing all your protection next to your skin, riders are free to wear whatever they want over the top, confident that they are protected by this CE AA rated base layer shirt.


  • CE AA Certified
  • Forcefield Level 2 armour in back, shoulders and elbows / Level 1 armour in chest for comfort
  • Constructed from Ultra High Density Polyethylene and nylon mix
  • Extremely breathable
  • Moisture wicking
  • Thumb loops prevent arms from riding up
  • Cut long to tuck deep into trousers
  • Made in the EU
the supershirt from adventure spec tough as leather light as a feather


When you ride, do you dress for comfort or safety?

Maybe you dress for safety. And to stay safe you need to protect yourself from impact injuries, as well as abrasion injuries.

Up until today you had the choice of wearing one jacket that served both these purposes, probably a heavy leather or textile jacket.

Or maybe you wear an armoured base layer, but that wouldn’t survive a slide down the tarmac so you put on that leather or textile jacket over the top.

Or maybe you think, to hell with the protection! A T-shirt is super comfy, but boy that’s a risk.

the supershirt from adventure spec tough as leather light as a feather


The Supershirt gives you a new choice. A safe choice. A comfortable choice. A choice that gives you the freedom to dress however you like for your ride without compromising safety or comfort.

The Supershirt is a CE AA rated motorcycling shirt that is worn next to your skin as your base layer.

It is constructed from a unique mix of Ultra High Density Polyethylene (UHDPE) fabric that heavily resists abrasion and a nylon blend that provides stretch and comfort. Industry leading Forcefield Level 2 Armour sits in the back, elbows and shoulders, and Level 1 Armour in the chest.

The Supershirt is light, breathable and unrestrictive to ride in.


Adventure awaits?

Wear The Supershirt as your baselayer and add or remove layers as required. Cold? Add your insulated jacket. Wet? Add a raincoat over the top. All the safety of a heavy adventure riding jacket but with far more versatility.

the supershirt from adventure spec tough as leather light as a feather

Hitting the trails?

Wear The Supershirt underneath and be free to wear as much warm or waterproof gear as you like knowing you will be protected if you fall. It’s highly breathable so does a great job of helping to regulate temperature when you are riding.

Too hot for leathers?

Wear The Supershirt underneath and you have full CE AA protection should you need it. The UDHPE fabric is light and does not absorb water so is great at wicking sweat away from your skin.

Want to look good on the commute?

Wear The Supershirt underneath your hipster T-shirt or jersey. All the style, without the risk.

the supershirt from adventure spec tough as leather light as a feather

Fancy route 66 like you’ve seen in the movies?

Wear The Supershirt underneath your leather vest. It does a great job of allowing airflow when you are moving.

On a suburban mission?

Wear The Supershirt and whatever the cool kids are wearing on top.


The technology required to create materials that are light, breathable, comfortable and extremely abrasion resistant has been five years in the making. The Supershirt utilises some of the most innovative knit technology in the motorcycle PPE clothing sector.

the supershirt from adventure spec tough as leather light as a feather


Up to 15 Times stronger than similar weight of steel, Ultra High Density Polyethylene (UHDPE) outer facing threads give a previously unheard of level of abrasion resistance in a fabric of this weight.

This UHDPE is woven into a blend of nylon 6.6, elastane and silver ion yarns that create an extremely comfortable inner face fabric that can be worn next to your skin.

The elastane provides a comfortable level of stretch and the silver ion yarns reduce bacterial build up, meaning The Supershirt stays fresher for longer.


The Supershirt includes industry leading Forcefield Isolator Level 2 armour in the back, shoulders and elbows. These are held in place by internal pockets and can be removed for washing.

The chest armour is Forcefield Isolator Level 1 armour, chosen for its balance between protection and bulk.

The zone 2 shoulder and elbow abrasion areas are all double layered with UHDPE fabric, providing extreme abrasion protection and ensuring The Supershirt meets CE AA certification.


The Supershirt benefits from an open knit material construction that allows air to flow freely through the garment. When you are riding you feel the air flow against your skin.

The UHDPE material used is hydrophobic, it does not absorb water. Sweat build up passes through the shirt and wicks away.

The protective outer layer and comfortable inner layer are woven together which means that the material will not delaminate after washing. The Supershirt can be washed without armour at 30 degrees C.


All seams on The Supershirt are double stitched for strength and tear resistance. This is a required element for passing CE AA certification.


The Supershirt has been tested and CE certified by an independent lab. We are super proud to have achieved CE AA with The Supershirt.

But what happens in a real world crash? How does The Supershirt perform if you actually fall off your motorbike?

There really is only one way to answer this question.

We hired a stuntman to ride a motorcycle at 40mph and then fall off.

This is what happened…

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