Pirelli Announces Diablo Rosso IV, Plus 5 Million Tires Sold

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It’s hard to believe, but Pirelli has been making the Diablo line since 2002 and the Diablo Rosso family since 2008. In that time over 5 million Diablo Rosso tires have been sold.

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The Pirelli DIABLO ROSSO tire family enters the new year with record numbers and celebrates the achievement of an important milestone: over 5,000,000 radial tires sold since its introduction on the market in 2008.

The origins of DIABLO and DIABLO ROSSO brands

DIABLO represents Pirelli’s excellence in the world of high-performance tires designed for two-wheeled vehicles. The DIABLO product family, after its introduction into the market in 2002, has rapidly evolved to include in its broad portfolio tires dedicated to other market segments, from professional racing to the supersports road arena. The DIABLO brand brings with it more than 18 years of experience, technology and victories in the most prestigious national and international two-wheeled competitions.

Within the DIABLO range, the DIABLO ROSSO products are dedicated to road machines of a sport leaning. The name DIABLO ROSSO was born with the intention of honoring the distinctive color of the Italian national motorsport team since 1922, which was the color racing red (PANTONE 185C).

The most prestigious motorcycle manufacturers in the world choose DIABLO ROSSO products as original equipment for their top models, while many respected international magazines and websites consider DIABLO ROSSO products a benchmark for this sector. Among the leading products of this family there are currently tires such as DIABLO ROSSO Corsa II, DIABLO ROSSO III, and DIABLO ROSSO Scooter, still reference tires in their respective segments.

Thanks to the high performance of each of these products, supported by the ability of Pirelli engineers to anticipate the demands of a constantly evolving market, and to use cutting-edge materials and technologies, the DIABLO ROSSO product family has been able to reach the important milestone of 5,000,000 radial tires sold worldwide.

Respectable numbers that allow Pirelli to announce with great satisfaction and pride the fourth generation of this tire family, with the arrival of DIABLO ROSSO IV, the new supersport product created to continue the history of this successful brand. As the direct successor of DIABLO ROSSO III, DIABLO ROSSO IV raises the bar of this product range even higher, pushing the qualities of handling and grip to the highest levels, both in dry and wet conditions.

DIABLO ROSSO IV is dedicated to motorcyclists who love a more dynamic riding style, owners of supersports, hypernaked or crossover bikes who demand from a tire a high level of grip, on all types of asphalt and weather conditions, as well as precise feedback and great handling to make the most of the high performance of their bikes.

For more information about the complete line of Pirelli motorcycle tires, please visit Pirelli.com.

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