Cardo’s New PACKTALK PRO Has Crash Detection

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Ahh, the good old days of motorcycle-to-motorcycle communication: hands waving, fingers pointing, and the universal sign of shrugged shoulders indicating, “What the heck did you just say?” Patting the top of the helmet was a good way to warn fellow riders of a police presence, but also a signal to said police officers that there might be some reason for concern, should they catch a glimpse of the not-so-subtle gesture. Tin cans attached to strings from bike to bike might have worked better. Riders needed something more technologically advanced, and Cardo Systems had the answer, when, in 2004, it released the world’s first Bluetooth headset for motorcyclists. Motorcycle riding has never been the same.

By leveraging its knowledge of the then-new technology known as Bluetooth, Cardo Systems gave riders the ability to connect to their phones hands-free, then furthered the idea to include direct rider-to-rider communications. Cardo’s Scala Rider system has been the innovator and benchmark for rider communications ever since.

20 years later, Cardo continues to innovate with the release of its new PACKTALK PRO. Bristling with features, packed with power, and designed with beauty, the PACKTALK PRO represents the pinnacle of Cardo’s product line. Clear communication, advanced safety, and exceptional sound all combine to give the rider a premium experience.

At the top of the list for innovations with the PACKTALK PRO is the crash detection system, utilizing a built-in inertial measurement unit (IMU). IMUs, essentially a computer chip that measures acceleration and angular velocity, have been revolutionizing motorcycle safety and performance systems as of late. The data from a motorcycle’s IMU allows for advanced technologies such as leaning ABS, traction control, and wheelie control, enabling recreational riders to handle bikes with horsepower outputs that would give professional racers fits without them.

The IMU built into the Cardo PACKTALK PRO can detect a potential crash, and when it does, it communicates with the rider’s smartphone. By analyzing data from before, during, and after the suspected crash event, the system uses a cloud-based algorithm to determine if a crash actually occurred, all in a fraction of a second. If the system decides that a crash event has happened, the PACKTALK PRO will send an audio and visual alert to the rider via the speaker and smartphone screen. The rider will have a predetermined amount of time to cancel the alert, in case a crash did not actually occur, or if it was minor enough that the rider does not need emergency assistance.

Should the rider not respond to the crash alert, the PACKTALK PRO will send a text message alert to an emergency contact preloaded into the app. Utilizing the smartphone’s GPS, the alert will include the location of the rider at the time of the crash.

It’s worth noting that the PACKTALK PRO’s crash detection is intended for on-road use only.

These days, smartphones can be equipped with their own crash detection apps, but Cardo has determined that these systems are geared toward automobile use. Their research has shown that motorcycle crashes have completely different physics involved that do not tend to trigger the crash detection of these apps. The PACKTALK PRO crash detection algorithm simply works much better than a smartphone app designed for cars, and the location of the unit on the rider’s helmet provides far more accurate data compared to a smartphone alone.

But crash detection is only one of the many advanced features of the Cardo PACKTALK PRO. Providing sound that is loud and crystal clear are 45mm JBL speakers. Air Mount is Cardo’s patented magnetic mount that is simple and secure. The IP67 waterproof standard means the unit works in almost any weather conditions a rider may encounter. The auto on/off feature utilizes the data from the IMU to determine if the rider is in motion, or if the unit is stationary, such as the helmet resting on a table, and turns the unit on or off accordingly.

The Cardo PACKTALK PRO operates over ranges of up to 1 mile (1.6 km), and works with Natural Voice Operation. It has a live Bluetooth intercom with wideband sound and a self-healing connection. It even has over-the-air software updates, with no need for cables. Top it off with a three-year warranty, and the ability to connect with any other major brand of communications system, and the PACKTALK PRO stands out as the clear choice for premium safety and performance.

As the originator of rider-to-rider communications, and with constant innovation, Cardo has maintained its position as the leader in their field. Sold in over 100 countries, Cardo’s legacy continues with the introduction of the PACKTALK PRO. For more information, visit, or your local Cardo Systems dealer.

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