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John Burns
by John Burns
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motorcycle deal o the day

With the angel of death in a holding pattern overhead, the stock market cratering below and global warming concerns temporarily on the back burner, what better time to obtain for oneself the nearly unobtainable – a nice, fresh 35-year old Yamaha RZ500, complete with that legendary cackling two-stroke V-four.

This one’s a Canadian import wearing a legal Oregon license plate, and might just be the one that’s not too perfect to ride, as it’s already been repainted and had its engine cases welded. That might not be a bad thing, since the entire engine was rebuilt at the same time, and the claim is the bike’s been ridden very little since then. Raring to go, then, like the hounds of hell and with no precious ride modes, traction control or ABS to dilute the sheer terror.

Anyway, it’s not quite the deal of the day since it’s up for auction now, and scheduled to end, appropriately, on April 1, 11 am PST. Brought to you by our good friends at Iconic Motorcycles in Marina del Rey, California. Call us if you put in the winning bid, and we’ll “road test” it for you, no charge.

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John Burns
John Burns

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