C-List Deal O' the Day: H-D VR1000!

John Burns
by John Burns
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Reading the ad is probably more interesting than owning the bike. Here’s a sample:

The story of Harley entering into the world of AMA Superbike racing is one of a two headed chicken attempting to go in one direction and, being of two differing minds, tripping over it’s self in the process. In 1988, Mark Tuttle, VP of Engineering at Harley, started the ball rolling by assigning engineer Mark Miller to design the engine. After getting the bottom end completed, the project was taken to Roush Racing in 1999 to complete the first running engine. From that point, Harley brought the project back to the factory to complete the program. Harley-Davidson used parts and sourcing where they could internally and from their established outside parts suppliers. Some had no experience in racing. How different when compared to Honda entering world class racing as an example, hiring the best designers, best tuners, best managers and best riders no matter who or where they worked for. Honda committed to winning what ever it took, but Harley apparently never wandered far from its normal suppliers or domestic sources during this initial gestation. Possible politics, possible mismanagement, possibility a gamble that back fired, the results were would be a failure before the Harley eventually pulled the plug seven years later.

If you’re a bucks-up Type A masochist who wants to go vintage racing in a big way, though, we totally support you. Only $75,000 with plenty of spares. The rest of the ad is here.

John Burns
John Burns

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