The Dunlop DT4 is the First New Flat Track Tire in 40 Years

John Burns
by John Burns

What? The Dunlop DT3 has been in service for 40 years? Who knew. That old rubbber will no longer be the spec tire for American Flat Track. As of the March 14 Daytona season opener, all three AFT classes will be running an all-new reengineered, tubeless DT4. Probably it’s about time.

Dunlop/AFT Press Release:

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla.: (December 10, 2019) – American Flat Track and Dunlop Motorcycle Tires announced today another multi-year renewal to the longterm partnership between America’s Original Extreme Sport and the premier manufacturer of motorcycle tires in North America.
Continuing on as the Official Tire of American Flat Track, Dunlop also announced the development of the first new flat track tire in 40 years — the DT4. The new spec tire for the series, all riders in all three AFT classes will be competing on the DT4 in 2020.
“We are delighted to continue our association with Dunlop,” said Michael Lock, CEO of American Flat Track. “Their R&D and manufacturing here in the USA is an important advantage for us and has resulted in a brand new tire for our sport. Better durability, more rider confidence and a superior performance envelope give the promise of even better racing in AFT in 2020.”
The DT3 has long been the benchmark for professional and amateur flat track racing alike, but the DT4 will feature all new tread patterns for both front and rear tires. The DT4 is also engineered to be used without tubes. The DT4 will be made available in all current DT3 tire compounds, allowing racers to match tire setup to specific track conditions on race day.
In coordination with Dunlop, American Flat Track held off-season testing sessions during which riders were invited to test the new DT4.
“I did some testing early on with the new compounds,” said multi-time champion and member of the Indian Motorcycle Wrecking Crew Jared Mees. “I liked what I felt… they felt good, really consistent.”
“We cannot be more excited to be extending our partnership with AFT,” said Mike Buckley, Senior VP of Sales/Marketing of Dunlop Motorcycle Tires. “The sport is poised to reach new levels and we hope that America’s Original Extreme Sport will attract many new riders to our industry. To be bringing a new product for the first time in over 40 years, one fully designed by the same R&D unit that has brought legendary tires like our Q4 and Q3+ ranges, is particularly gratifying. We believe AFT competitors will appreciate these new tires and we look forward to working with AFT and the competitors to continue to innovate in the area of tire development in the future”
American Flat Track will roar into its 2020 season with its first-ever doubleheader — DAYTONA 200 and DAYTONA TT — at the legendary Daytona International Speedway on Saturday, March 14. Get discounted advance tickets now at
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