The Motorcycle Arts Foundation Launches Website and First Public Initiative

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Motorcycles aren’t just forms of transportation, some are also true works of art. The Motorcycle Arts Foundation is here to show that.

Motorcycle Arts Foundation:

NEW YORK, NY – July 19, 2018 – The Motorcycle Arts Foundation (MAF) is excited to announce the launch of its official website, . The MAF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit company dedicated to the preservation and distribution of motorcycle arts founded by Paul d’Orléans (, Sasha Tcherevkoff (, and Corinna Mantlo ( The MAF aims to highlight and promote the cultural and artistic aspects of motorcycling through film, photography, writing, and public works projects.

The Motorcycle Arts Foundation also recently launched its first public initiative, the Custom Revolution motorcycle exhibition, with the Petersen Automotive Museum ( in Los Angeles, CA. The concept for Custom Revolution was to display the world’s most exciting alternative custom motorcycles from the best builders around the world. The exhibition opened in April 2018 to huge success and will run until March 2019.

MAF’s Paul d’Orléans Guest Curated the exhibition, helping coordinate the assembling of 23 motorcycles from 8 total countries and hosting the opening night panel discussion. “I’m very thankful to the Petersen Museum for giving myself and the MAF the opportunity to come in as outsiders and help put together this wonderful exhibition,” said d’Orléans. “It’s a truly amazing collection of bikes and the interest from the press and general public has shown us these machines really can serve as art pieces in of themselves.”

MAF’s Sasha Tcherevkoff and his agency, Man & Moto, created, designed, and built the online exhibition available via and produced the 121-page Custom Revolution catalog that is available for sale at the museum and online.

Custom Revolution is particularly interesting because it’s an artistic example of how the motorcycle culture has shifted in the past decade. We have seen the cultural decline of custom choppers and the rise of alternative customs,” said Tcherevkoff. “Historically, the general public has viewed motorcycles as utilitarian machines. We at MAF aim to change that. We are going to present some compelling projects that highlight the artistic purpose and huge influence that motorcycles have had on culture, love, politics, and how they have shaped trends.”

Press Release
Press Release

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