2017-2018 Indian Scout, Scout Bobber and Scout Sixty Recalled for Air in ABS

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Indian is recalling all ABS-equipped Scout models (including the Scout Bobber and Scout Sixty) from model years 2017 and 2018 because air may have been left in the braking system during assembly. Air in the brake hydraulics may degrade brake performance, increasing the risk of a crash. The recall affects 4,185 units. Non-ABS models or Scouts from previous model years are not affected.

According to recall documentation released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Indian’s brake fluid fill process may not have met the company’s quality standards, potentially resulting in air getting trapped in the braking system.

Motorcycles with this problem may exhibit a “soft” feel when braking, with less force than expected need to activate the brake lever. Indian is asking Scout owners to test their front and rear brake controls before riding. Both the rear brake pedal and front brake lever should move freely and smoothly and feel firm while being activated. When released, the controls should return quickly to their rest positions. If the brake controls fail this test, or if the lever or pedal travel too far before engaging the brake, then owners should contact their dealers to arrange transportation for the repair.

According to Indian, the problem was first reported in April 2018, after the company received claims of “soft” brake feel. Following these reports, Indian opened an investigation on the Scout models’ braking performance. After examining warranty claims, returned components and an evaluation of Indian’s assembly and brake component design processes, Indian identified the cause for air getting into the braking system.

Indian dealers will conduct a full bleed of the front and rear brake system on recalled models, replacing the brake fluid and ensuring no air remained trapped in the system. Owners of affected Scouts who had previously paid to have this done with the brakes may be eligible for reimbursement.


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