Brembo Brake Facts for the 2018 Le Mans MotoGP

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Round 5 of the 2018 MotoGP season descends upon Le Mans, France, this weekend, and here’s a look into how much racers will be demanding of their Brembo brakes.


A circuit with average demanding braking, where due to the sudden changes in weather, steel discs often have to be used in case of rain. If the track is wet, steel discs are often used instead of carbon discs. Carbon, in fact, besides requiring minimum operating temperatures which are hard to achieve in case of rain, is also characterized by a rather marked braking action which is not very suited to slippery conditions typical of a wet track.

Besides, steel discs, with their greater weight compared to carbon ones, contribute to providing greater stability to the front suspension of the motorcycle when there are poor gripping conditions such as
on a wet track.

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