Dunlop Geomax MX33: Featuring Innovative Technology for Multi-Surface Performance

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Dunlop has just announced its newest off-road tire, the Geomax MX33. The MX33 builds on the popular MX3S (MX32) and aims to improve where its predecessor left off. I’ve personally (Brent) been using the MX3S tire almost exclusively over the past couple years and I love the amount of traction it provides compared to other tires. I also use it on the trails and in the desert, where it performs just as well. The new MX33 aims to be more of an all around tire, rather than just an MX application. We’ll be testing the new MX33 in a couple weeks time, so stay tuned for a full review!


April 26, 2018 – Dunlop Geomax tyres are chosen by race winners in the FIM World Motocross Grand Prix Championship (MXGP). In 2017, top level riders such as Shaun Simpson and Clement Desalle chose Dunlop to win MXGP races. MXGP is not only an environment where Dunlop win, but it is also where Dunlop develop new technologies.

Last year, Dunlop tested new technologies in MXGP races. An improved tread pattern was tested with tie-bars between shoulder blocks.

This, coupled with a new block arrangement provided higher resistance against cracking when ridden on firm intermediate terrain. Dunlop also found this resistance was also helped by an all-new compound with higher shear resistance. By incorporating such technologies into the Geomax MX33, Dunlop has created a tyre with a greater range of capabilities than its forerunner, the race-winning Geomax MX3S.

Dunlop has also proven its unique and patented ‘Progressive Cornering Block Design’ across the Geomax range. This technology, sometimes described as better known “Block-in-a-Block” technology. This gives a more progressive cornering action and helps riders control slides. For Geomax MX33, Dunlop has added this technology to the front tyre as well.

Versatile ‘multi-surface’ performance

The Geomax MX33 has optimised performance at both ends of the terrain spectrum. Therefore, unlike its predecessor which was focused on providing grip in soft conditions, the Geomax MX33 also excels on harder intermediate surfaces. This is designed to give competing riders and advantage in mixed conditions, but also gives the regular off-road rider a much more versatile ‘multi-terrain’ tyre.

Feel and Feedback a focus for Geomax MX33

Dunlop’s close liaison with top MXGP riders has also guided Dunlop to focus on improving rider feel, comfort and control on the Geomax MX33.

Dunlop found that a thinner and longer apex shape enables the sidewall to deflect evenly when a load is applied to tire. This provides enhanced stability and feedback. Combining this design feature with a more compliant tyre construction, gave a better controlled casing deformation and improved shock absorption. Dunlop also included this ‘Carcass Tension Control System’ to improve rider feel and control. Coupled with the all-new ultra-fine particle compound, it provides much enhanced grip.

“Our success in FIM World Championship MXGP has helped Dunlop riders win at the highest level. But it is a two-way benefit. Top level riders have also given us clear feedback on what they need from a tyre to win. That’s why we have focused on widening the versatility of the Geomax MX33 and producing an industry first – a true hybrid tyre for soft and intermediate conditions” said Dmitri Talboom, Dunlop Motorcycle Europe Product Manager.

The launch of Geomax MX33 provides a full portfolio of Dunlop MX tyres. The recently launched Geomax MX12 is perfect for sand and mud conditions while the Geomax MX52 is a proven winner in intermediate-to-hard terrain conditions.

The Geomax MX33 is available in six front and eleven rear sizes.


60/100 – 10
60/100 – 12
60/100 – 14
70/100 – 17
70/100 – 19
80/100 – 21


70/100 – 10
80/100 – 12
90/100 – 14
90/100 – 16
100/100 – 18
110/100 – 18
120/90 – 18
100/90 – 19
110/90 – 19
120/80 – 19
120/90 – 19

Press Release
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