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It would seem the Yamaha Champions Riding School took note of our recent 10 Stretches to Keep You Limber While Motorcycle Riding, or so we would like to think.

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Dear Friends,

YCRS is considering a new offering and we want your help!

The idea: ChampRetreats. Our ChampSchools include a small curriculum of Body-Mind-Bike connection with the help of Jennifer Peris and her incredible Yoga talents. It has been so well received that we have decided to create YCRS Retreats in beautiful destinations to dig deeper into those areas while taking Champion Habits to some of the most awesome roads in the country.

This would be great for those of you who 1) love street riding 2) have been to lots of schools and want a new program for learning the same principles 3) want to turn your experience with YCRS into more of a lifestyle learning environment 4) love motorcycles, wellness, and travel and/or 5) want to bring a non-rider as a passenger and share in all of the ChampBody offerings as well as enjoy the attractions and activities in the local destination.

So, if any of the above applied to you or made you go hmmm, please help us by completing a quick survey. We want to build this right and the best way to do that is to ask you for your input.

Click Here to take this survey

We thank you very much for your input in helping to build this great new idea.

Best Regards,

The ChampSchool Team

Press Release
Press Release

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