Icon Raiden Lords of the Atlas- Portugal

Ryan Adams
by Ryan Adams

The Icon Raiden crew knows no boundaries when it comes to showcasing their Raiden collection deep in the heart of adventure. From the Alcan 5000 to the Kalahari Desert of Africa, Team Raiden keeps it pinned to highlight what is new and upcoming in their adventure line-up. Check out the most recent Icon Raiden video Lords of the Atlas- Portugal below. If you can make it through the cheesy pseudo-western commentator, or just hit mute, the video is worth the four and a half minutes.

See the entire Icon Raiden collection here. Video from Icon below.

When adventure calls you collect, ICON Raiden has no choice but to accept the charges. In this latest installment of Lords of the Atlas, Team Raiden head to Portugal in search of #bigtimeadventure. What they found was a lot of cow crap, a broken clavicle, and a series of vicious ruts deeper than the creases of Clint Eastwood’s face. Did they survive the onslaught of dung infused mud? Yes, but they haven’t smelled right since.

Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams

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