Pirelli To Reward Those Who Set Track Records In 2017

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Pretty simple, really; Set a track record, get free tires (and a plaque).

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Pirelli Introduces New Rewards Program for Track Record Bounties in 2017

Today, Pirelli Tire North America announced, in collaboration with Pirelli road racing vendors, an all-new rewards program for riders’ who set a new absolute motorcycle track record on Pirelli race compound tires during a 2017 sanctioned event. Riders’ who capture a track lap record will be rewarded a brand new set of tires and a personalized commemorative plaque to acknowledge their achievement.

“We want to continue to recognize the riders’ that showcase the performance of Pirelli’s road racing tires,” said Oscar Solis, Pirelli Road Racing Manager. “Pirelli has decided to make it a little bit more personal this year and that’s why we will replace the set of tires used to make the lap record and also give the commemorative plaque for achievement. The plaque is something that can stand out on the trophy case at home!”

Pirelli’s high performance racing slicks claimed an incredible eight record-breaking track bounties in 2016, the most recent lap record being set at Daytona International Speedway with Cory West at the Championship Cup Series (CCS) Race of Championships in October.
This “Bounty” is valid for qualifying riders at race sanctioned events, including AFM, ASRA, ASMA, CCS, CMRA, CVMA, CRA, Moto Series, Moto West GP, MOM, MRA, MCRA, OMRRA, SMRI, USBA, WMRRA, and WERA sanctioned events.

To qualify for the “Bounty”:

  • The rider and bike must be using Pirelli roadrace front and rear tires when the record is broken.
  • The race club must verify the new absolute motorcycle track record and Pirelli tire use. Pirelli and the vendor will confirm the new record with said race official.
  • If the lap record is broken more than once at a specific sanctioned race event, the last and fastest record will get the “Bounty” (capped at one “Bounty” per race event weekend).
  • Track day and open practice days are not eligible for riders’ to claim the “Bounty.”
  • The “Bounty” is limited to the first 10 riders’ to qualify in 2017

* Any questions need to be directed to your local roadrace trackside vendor

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