Hindle Exhaust Posts 2017 Canadian Superbike Racer Contingency Program

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Hindle offering contingency down to fifth place for CSBK competitors.

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2017 Hindle Exhaust Racer Program & Contingency

Hindle Exhaust Systems is pleased to announce its Racer Program and Contingency Program for the upcoming 2017 race season.

Hindle has been providing sponsorship to riders across North America for decades. Lang Hindle, president of Hindle Exhaust Systems, is a past Superbike Champion himself and hopes to be able to help other racers achieve their racing goals. “I have been in their shoes and understand what it takes to succeed. Support from companies in the motorcycle industry is an important part of racing”, explains Lang. “Being able to give back to the racers who dedicate so much time and energy to this sport is important to us.”

For the fifth year in a row, Hindle has once again posted a substantial amount of contingency for riders exclusively using their exhaust systems through the Hindle Racer Program. Contingency will be available for all CSBK rounds, both amateur and pro, as well as regional racing within Ontario. In CSBK, Hindle is offering contingency up to 5th place in the amateur and pro Sportbike and Superbike classes. For regional racing in Ontario, Hindle is offering contingency up to 3rdplace in the amateur and pro 600 and 1000 classes.

The Hindle Racer Program offers riders across Canada a sponsorship opportunity that includes various discount levels on exhaust systems and replacement parts. The discount ranges from 20% to 50%, depending on the level of racing. Only riders who are a part of the Hindle Racer Program are eligible for contingency.

New for the 2017 race season, Hindle will be offering trackside support and replacement parts at every CSBK round. Scott Cartier, designer and tech for Hindle Exhaust Systems, will be available at the track should any racers need replacement parts.

For more information or to fill out an application to be a part of the Hindle Racer Program, go to www.hindle.com/pdf/HindleRacerProgram.pdf.

Press Release
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