British Customs Announces Slammer Seats For Triumph Street Twin

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One of the first steps toward building a personalized motorcycle is setting it up for your ergonomic preferences by first upgrading the seat. While most aftermarket seats are made with a standard foam design and have limited customization options, British Customs just released the acclaimed Slammer Seat for the Triumph Street Twin with its number of innovative features designed to raise the standard for performance seats. The Slammer Seat is proudly made in the USA. These beautiful seats are created by hand to meet the highest standards of quality to satisfy the most discerning tastes with their performance, aesthetics, and durability. The new British Customs Street Twin Slammer Seat is available in black and brown with either tuck ‘n roll or diamond stitching, and can be purchased on the British Customs online store.

The British Customs Slammer Seat for the 2016 Triumph Street Twin features

-Authentic vintage looks
-Hybrid Gel Technology for lasting comfort for both urban and touring riding
-A heavy-duty all-weather vinyl cover
Fast and easy installation
-Works for a variety of authentic retro styles including scramblers, trackers, desert sleds, resto-mods, and more
-Built to factory specifications and fitment with quality materials and design
-Handmade in the USA

Aesthetically, the Slammer Seat takes its cues from the bench style seats that were favored by some of the most adventurous pioneers of off-road motorcycling in the 1960s including Steve McQueen, Bud Ekins, and Eddie Mulder. The Slammer Seat’s shape follows the bike’s contours and accentuates its timeless looks. A vintage style handstitched tuck ‘n roll pattern adorns the surface of the seat, and its low profile design exposes the frame rails that are typically obscured by bulky stock seats. The result is a seat that has a distinctive, bare-knuckle character that instantly transforms any stock bike into a neo-retro build rich with a respect for heritage.

Function inspires character with the British Customs Street Twin Slammer Seat, as the seat features innovative Hybrid Gel Technology, a technology exclusively developed to improve the ergonomics of modern classics and patented by British Customs. These gel inserts lessen vibration, add immediate comfort, improve ergonomics, and increase blood flow to the rider’s legs to allow for greater comfort on rides of any length. The gel allows for blood to flow to the legs, eliminating the tingling and numbness riders usually experience during long rides. The Hybrid Gel Technology ensures that the seat retains its form and doesn’t compress the way foam flattens down to the frame.

The Slammer Seat is fitted with a heavy-duty all-weather vinyl cover that will retain its color and integrity if properly cared for. This carefully selected material means that riders will no longer have to worry about their seats degrading if they come in contact with water or grime.

To support the riders who are inspired to build their own custom motorcycle, British Customs created an expansive Resource Center where they have a continually growing list of curated installation instructions, how to guides, buyer’s guides, and Motorcycle 101 guides. Each guide is rated by difficulty, list what tools are required, how long an installation takes, and for what models the guide works. The British Customs Resource Center is designed to help riders ranging from new first time owners to experienced custom builders learn how to customize, work on, and maintain their Triumph and Ducati motorcycles. Users can also leave questions or comments on articles in the Resource Center, where British Customs experts or other community members can respond to support each other.

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