2017 Husqvarna Four-Stroke Motocross Line Gets Traction Control and Air Forks

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

Husqvarna announced its 2017 motocross lineup, including an all-new two-stroke TC250 and revised four-stroke models with air forks and traction control. We’ll address the two-strokes in a separate post but let’s take a look at the four-stroke FC lineup here.

The four-stroke lineup consists of three models, the FC450, FC350 and FC250. All three models receive a refined Keihin engine management system Husqvarna claims can process data faster. This allows for improved performance of the selectable ride maps, launch control and the new traction control system. The EMS analyzes throttle input and if it detects sudden rpm increases, activates the traction control system to reduce power to the rear wheel and maximize traction.

The other big change is the new AER 48 air fork from WP Suspension. First introduced on the KTM 450SX-F Factory and 250SX-F Factory, the AER is now standard equipment on all 2017 Husqvarna motocrossers, including both two-stroke and four-stroke models. The fork uses an insulated air shock in the left fork tube that can be adjusted using a pump while the right leg contains an adjustable hydraulic damping unit. In addition to being easy to adjust using the included fork pump, Husqvarna claims the AER 48 weighs 3.7 pounds lighter than the 4CS spring forks used on the 2016s.

Other 2017 updates include a CNC upper triple clamp, aluminum cylinder head mountings (the previous models used steel), a longer rear brake lever and a different rear brake pad material. The 2017s also get new Dunlop MX-3S tires, with the FC250 also getting a 110 rear tire instead of previous 100 tire.

The 2017 Husqvarna motocross lineup lands in dealerships in June. U.S. pricing remains to be announced.

Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

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