Victory Recalling Lock & Ride Passenger Backrests

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung
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Victory has announced a recall for certain Lock & Ride passenger backrests sold as accessories for the Cross Roads, Cross Country and Hard-Ball models because of a risk of them falling off. Officially, the recall affects 8,819 backrests including both the chrome (part #2877938) and black (part #2877938-266), but only a fraction may have a problem.

On their own, there are no issues with the Lock & Ride passenger backrests. The problem arises however when these backrests are used in conjunction with accessory luggage rack (part #2877950 or #2877950-266). According to Victory, the attachment points of the backrests may fail due to fatigue from supporting the additional load created by the luggage rack and any cargo it may be carrying.

Incidentally, both accessories were installed in our Victory Hard-Ball Touring Project.

If a customer has a Lock & Ride passenger backrest installed but no luggage rack, then the backrest will function normally and will not need to be replaced. If however, customers use both accessories, then Victory dealers will replace the parts at no charge. Only 3,188 luggage racks have been sold, so a majority of customers who have installed the Lock & Ride passenger backrest will not be affected by this recall.

A potential issue was first identified in December 2012 during a Vehicle Durability Simulation (VDS) lab test. Subsequent testing determined the combination of the backrest and the luggage rack could result in a failure.

The affected accessory parts were designed to fit the 2010-2013 Victory Cross Roads, Cross Country, Cross Country Tour and Hard-Ball.

[Source: NHTSA]

Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

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