Intermot 2012: Honda CB1100 Enters European Market

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung
intermot 2012 honda cb1100 enters european market

As we expected, Honda announced it will bring its retro-styled CB1100 to Europe at the 2012 Intermot show in Cologne, Germany. Previously only available in Japan and Australia, the CB1100 will be available in Europe for 2013, though there is still no sign it will ever be offered in North America.

Though it sounds close in name to Honda‘s CB1000R, the two naked standards reflect two differing philosophies. While the CB1000R has an aggressive, modern look, the CB1100 reaches back into the past, taking influences from the 1969 CB750 which harkened the rise of the Inline-Four engine configuration.

intermot 2012 honda cb1100 enters european market

Unlike the CB1000R and its liquid-cooled 998cc engine, the Honda CB1100 is powered by an 1140cc air-cooled engine Honda claims an output of 88.5 hp and 68.6 ft-lb., both lower than the CB1000R’s claims of 123 hp and 73 ft-lb., but the numbers only tell part of the story. The CB1100 is tuned for useable torque, peaking out at just 5000 rpm with its horsepower peak arriving at 7500 rpm, just short of the 8500 rpm rev limit. The modest figures contribute to good fuel economy, with Honda claiming a fuel economy of 59 mpg. With its 3.9 gallon tank, that translates to a range of about 227 miles.

The chassis is comprised of a tubular steel double cradle frame, 41mm preload-adjustable telescopic fork and preload-adjustable twin rear shocks from Showa. The CB1100 comes standard with Honda’s combined ABS system with a four-piston Nissin caliper gripping the dual front brake discs and a single-piston caliper gripping the rear.

intermot 2012 honda cb1100 enters european market

Honda will produce three color options: Pearly White, Glory Red or Graphite Black. The white and red versions come with Eternal Silver side panels while the black version comes with matching side panels.

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[Source: Honda]

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