2013 BMW F700GS and F800GS Announced

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung
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2013 bmw f700gs and f800gs announced

BMW has updated its F800GS and introduced the F700GS which replaces the F650GS for the German manufacturer’s 2013 lineup. The 2013 BMW F800GS slots in under the R1200GS as the company’s mid-displacement adventure tourer while the F700GS is an entry-level model to the segment.

Despite the nomenclature, both models are equipped with liquid-cooled and fuel-injected four-valve 798cc twin-cylinder engines, just like the 650. The F800GS’s 84 hp at 7500 rpm and 61 ft-lb. at 5750 rpm claims are identical to the 2012 version but the F700GS claims an upgrade over the F650GS. According to BMW, the 2013 F700GS produces 74 hp at 7300 rpm and 57 ft-lb. at 5500 rpm, compared to the F650GS’ 70 hp at 7000 rpm and 55 ft-lb. at 4500 rpm.

Both models are equipped with six-speed transmissions, with the F700GS having shorter overall gear ratios compared to the F650GS. The two models are also the first introduced under BMW’s new “Safety 360°” principle which includes ABS as standard across the entire lineup.

2013 bmw f700gs and f800gs announced

Beyond the upgraded engine, the F700GS also gets double disc brakes on the front wheel, as opposed to the 650’s single disc. The F700GS also gets a new handlebar clamp and windshield.

Both models receive new switch units and brake fluid containers, and updated instruments that now also display fuel level and coolant temperature as standard. ALso new are smoke gray glass for the turn indicators and LED rear light.

The F700GS comes with a cast wheels including a 19-inch front wheel while the F800GS uses wire spoke wheels with a 21-inch front wheel. At 31.1 inches, the F700GS has a lower saddle than the F800GS’ 33.5-inch saddle height.

2013 bmw f700gs and f800gs announced

The F800GS is equipped with an upside-down fork while the F700gs uses a conventional telescopic fork. For the first time, the two F-series adventure tourers will have BMW’s electronic suspension adjustment (ESA) available as on option, offering riders to adjust the rear suspension with the press of a button. Also available as an optional add-on is Automatic Stability Control, BMW’s traction control system.

Other options include lowered suspension for the F800GS, an engine map adjustment for RON 91 fuel, center stand, luggage, on-board computer, heated grips and auxiliary LED lights for the F800GS.

The 2013 BMW F700GS will be offered in Red apple metallic, Ostra grey metallic matt and Glacier silver metalic. The F800GS will be available in Kalamata metallic matt, Cordoba blue and Alpine white 3.

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