Yamaha XTW250 RYOKU Concept – the SUV Motorcycle

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung
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yamaha xtw250 ryoku concept the suv motorcycle
yamaha xtw250 ryoku concept the suv motorcycle

Yamaha is debuting a new heavy-duty utility motorcycle concept at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

Described as the “SUV motorcycle”, the Yamaha XTW250 RYOKU was designed to carry heavy loads for both on and off the road. The concept’s name suggests it may share elements of Yamaha’s XT250 and TW200 dual sports. In fact, the fat front tire, wheels and forks look almost identical to those on the TW200 while the shape of the fuel tank resembles that of the XT250. Throw in a bit of the Honda Ruckus voila, the Yamaha XTW250 RYOKU.

Yamaha hasn’t revealed any specifics, but does describe features such as a low-mounted large-capacity fuel tank, chassis guards, removable LED lights, and a low center-of-gravity high-load rear carrier.

Hopefully we’ll have more information when Yamaha reveals the XTW250 RYOKU at the Tokyo Motor Show alongside the Y125 MOEGI and EC-Miu concepts.

[Source: Yamaha]

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