Yamaha Y125 MOEGI Concept to Debut at 2011 Tokyo Motor Show

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung
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yamaha y125 moegi concept to debut at 2011 tokyo motor show
yamaha y125 moegi concept to debut at 2011 tokyo motor show

Yamaha had a relatively tame showing at the recent EICMA Milan show, with an updated TMax as the Tuning Fork Company’s biggest reveal. The upcoming Tokyo Motor Show (Dec. 3-11) promises to be more interesting with Yamaha showcasing three new concepts including the Y125 MOEGI pictured here.

The Yamaha Y125 MOEGI reference vehicle has the looks of a classic beach cruising bicycle, but with a 125cc engine.

Yamaha hasn’t released any specifications but one look at the slim frame will tell you the MOEGI is very lightweight and will offer good fuel economy. Range might be very limited, judging by the tiny fuel tank, but the Y125 MOEGI should be more than enough to take you to the boardwalk for a day at the beach.

Also debuting at the Tokyo Motor Show are the XTW250 RYOKU “SUV Motorcycle” and the EC-Miu electric scooter.

[Source: Yamaha]

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