Schuberth SR1 Racing Helmet & S2 Full-Face Road Helmet

Tom Roderick
by Tom Roderick
Schuberth helmets has announced the forthcoming additions to its North American offerings including the top secret S2, the roadracing SR1, the C3 World Graphic and the auto racing SF1.

The S2 made only a brief debut and pictures were restricted but the full-face sibling to Schuberth’s C3 modular helmet was given its first public appearance to the dismay of those back home in Germany. The S2 replaces Schuberth’s S1 helmet introduced in 2002. Like the C3 launched in the U.S. last year, the S2 features an internal sun visor, improved aerodynamics and ventilation and a significant weight savings and more compact design compared to the original S1. The S2 will receive an official launch at the U.S. at the Dealer Expo trade show held in February 2012. Look for more about the S2 during that time period.

As exciting, if not more so, is the SR1 roadracing helmet. The SR1 is a seriously lightweight helmet weighing, in ECE guise, approximately 1,295 grams (2.85 lbs.). The helmet is currently undergoing D.O.T. approval which will add upwards of 50 grams to the helmet’s weight. The process will also stall the introduction of the SR1 until 2013. The SR1 is constructed of a special fiberglass-reinforced duroplastic matrix. The SR1 features three adjustable air intakes in the front (two at the forehead and one at the chin) and two outlets in the rear. The helmet also comes with an anti-scratch visor with anti-fog coating, breath deflector and push-botton release for the faceshield.

Retail prices were not available but expect both helmets, like the C3, to be in the area of $700.

Schuberth also introduced the World graphic option for C3 modular helmets and for auto racing enthusiasts the Schuberth SF1 will also be offered in North America.

Tom Roderick
Tom Roderick

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