2010 Kawasaki Z1000 - First Ride

Kevin Duke
by Kevin Duke

UPDATE: Full Review now available on Motorcycle.com

Almost forgotten among a group of new high-profile sportbikes is the new Kawasaki Z1000. After having ridden it yesterday in the twists and hills of the Central California coast, I’m here to tell you that this is a real-world sportbike to be reckoned with.

Forget the old Z1000. It didn’t handle well, its suspension was unbalanced, and its motor – while potent – gave forth too much vibration. These issues are non-existent with the latest Z, which is one of the most entertaining streetable sportbikes we’ve ridden.

Pete gave us an advanced look at the latest Z in an article you should check out here, and I’ll provide a thorough ride report on Monday. But for now, just know that there may not be a better way to spend $10,499 on a sporting motorcycle.

Kevin Duke
Kevin Duke

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