Dave Grohl Drums to the Sound of a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

Mark Prociw
by Mark Prociw

Bought his first motorcycle while in Nirvana

I’ve got a lot of respect for Dave Grohl. He’s amazingly talented and very driven. Even after Nirvana, the guy is still kicking and in the spotlight with the Foo Fighters and the millions of other side projects he’s done (ie: Queens of the Stone Age).

Apparently he’s also a big motorcycle guy.

Harley-Davidson did a little video on Dave, featuring him drumming on a snare drum to the exhaust pipes of a Harley-Davidson. The seven minute video goes on about how Mr Grohl bought his first motorcycle when the Nirvana album “Nevermind” started to become big.

He got his wife hooked on motorcycles when she saw a Goldwing Trike, and now they both love the thing.

To hear (and see) all about Dave Grohl and his experiences with motorcycles (and how it helps him unwind), check out the rest of the post!

Mark Prociw
Mark Prociw

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