Bombardier Designs Alternative-Fuel Unicycle

Dustin Woods
by Dustin Woods

Look out Segway!

Not only has Bombardier designed and built snowmobiles, planes, trains and the Can-Am Spyder, the privately held Quebec-based company also tinkers with prototypes like the Embrio – the French Canadian answer to the Segway Human Transporter and resembles closely to the “Uno”.

Unlikely to ever see actual production, this one-wheeled concept uses gyroscopic technology to balance its rider. The vehicle was allegedly designed to demonstrate what we bipedal humanoids might be using for transportation in the year 2025.

Not only is the Embrio fascinating from social and design perspectives, but also due to its use of innovative technology. The 360 lb machine is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, created by mixing hydrogen and oxygen meaning that the exhaust by-product of such a reaction is pure drinking water. The Embrio also has infrared night vision and an active suspension, which can vary its damping rates based on riding conditions. If you still aren’t convinced, the Embrio is also able to carry passengers. Not like anyone riding a Segway would need to worry about carrying a date anyhow.


Dustin Woods
Dustin Woods

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