"Revheads" Save Us From Ourselves

Pete Brissette
by Pete Brissette

Going Green doesn't have to mean going slow

With long-standing names in the retail world evaporation like the morning dew, further news of major US automakers begging for billions is just plain depressing.

This got me pondering how major Japanese and European automakers managed to avoid the same fate. My supposition? Import manufacturers adapted and looked toward the future before they were forced to do so! US automakers, on the other hand, have painted themselves into a corner. The Big Three are now playing catch-up with things like electric cars and “alternative fuel” vehicles. With gas prices the way they are, green machines seem to be all the rage – Yuck!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a clean planet. I’ve been recycling for years, but I’m not obsessed with it. I’m still not really convinced that planet Earth is going to dry like a prune. More than 20 minutes in front of the TV tells me I’m in the minority with my mentality. Here comes the onslaught of more electric cars, scooters and bikes.

My fear with this has been that we’ll all be riding or driving around on machines with zero character, power and range, all for the greater good. Screw that! Gimme back my low-efficiency, stinky petrol-powered bikes.

If you think like me on this subject, consider the KillaCycle. Maybe you’ve heard of these guys; they built an electric drag bike that turns some serious ass-kicking quarter-mile times. Though they admit the KillaCycle hasn’t yet bested times set by nitro methane funny bikes, they do point out that those bikes have become as fast as they are only after years of development. The KillaCycle has been around for about a heartbeat in comparison, and its knocking on the door of sub-seven-second times.

Thanks to this group of gearheads, I’m no longer worried that we’ll all be left riding Hoverounds after the world trades in the spark plug for plugging-in.

Be sure to watch this video to see just how potent an electric drag bike can be, and how not to ride one. I may be sick in the head, but I laugh every time I watch it.

Long live grease monkeys!
Pete Brissette
Pete Brissette

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