Brazilian Police on the Hunt for Mr. Harley Davidson

Harley-Davidson Cap

Keep an eye open for the suspect, first name “Harley,” last name “Davidson.”

Police in Guapa, Brazil, investigating a string of carjackings believed they found a key piece of evidence that could blow the case wide open: a Harley-Davidson cap belonging to a suspect. Did they find DNA linking the hat to a suspect? Not quite. Let’s just say the police’s sleuthing skills were a fair bit more rudimentary:

“He left a grey T-shirt which he had used to cover his face, and also a baseball cap with a skull embroidered on it, along with the name Harley, and the citizen’s surname, Davidson, who is probably the miscreant we’re looking for,” a police officer told a local news station.

Um … Right. Good luck tracking down Mr. Harley Davidson. In the meantime, let’s tell Jerry Bruckheimer to put a hold on that “CSI: Guapa” pilot he’s been working on.