Fan Backlash for Video of Jorge Lorenzo’s Mansion

Jorge Lorenzo shows off his mansion

It didn’t take long for Jorge Lorenzo to regret producing a “Cribs”-style video showing off his posh mansion.

Jorge Lorenzo is one of the most active MotoGP racers on social media, with 1.25 million Likes on Facebook and more than 900,000 people following his Twitter feed (@lorenzo99). Lorenzo is a frequent Tweeter and is very careful about how he presents himself to his fans.

But the two-time MotoGP champion made a big social media misstep last year, appearing in a video for his sponsor, energy drink maker Monster Energy, showing off his 13,000 sq. ft. mansion in Barcelona, with its two swimming pools, rooftop hot tub and private discoteque.

The “Cribs”-style video might not raise many eyebrows for Lorenzo’s fans in the U.S., but with Spain struggling with a financial crisis and crippling unemployment rates, it’s easy to see how the video might not fly over too well in Lorenzo’s native land. Also drawing criticism was the video’s sexualized focus on the bikini-clad models provided by Monster.

Lorenzo was quick to respond, scrubbing all traces of the video online, but the damage was already done.