6. This guy


I never did manage to track him down in the crowded pits, and in the results he’s ironically referred to only as “Sissy Bar” – the man without a number. But he should be the star of many beer commercials whoever he is. If anybody told him a Yamaha XS Twin-powered chopper has no business being on a dirt oval, he didn’t listen. And he lived through a few hairball moments to tell the tale. To somebody.

Keep the gas on, you’ll be fine.

Keep the gas on, you’ll be fine.

Not to mention the guy on the V-Max.

Not to mention the guy on the V-Max.

  • COD

    Good times were had by many.

  • Tod Rafferty

    Dang sorry I missed this one. The NX250 would be perfect.

  • BRude19r

    #54Z is Mike Interbitzen, not Mikey Rush.

  • Old MOron

    Oh man, this looks like fun! I think they’re going to do a few races at the Ventura County Fairgrounds this year. I need a bike.

  • Something alluring to me about a cute woman in racing gear, once I saw Sue Fish’s eyes through one of the 1st Bell Star helmets (tiny eye port) and saw two beautiful blue eyes with long lashes, I was immediately smitten. For good.