7. Legacy Building


Manufacturers tend to idolize and elevate their racing heroes after they retire. Unfortunately for Jorge Lorenzo, no matter what he may accomplish at Yamaha, he’ll be overshadowed by one V. Rossi in company folklore. Assuming he’s successful at Ducati, Jorge will be automatically put on the same pedestal as Casey Stoner as the only two who could tame the Red Beast. And while I don’t know for sure, I’d imagine Lorenzo would get the warm fuzzies should he see a giant picture of him plastered on the side of the Ducati factory in Borgo Panigale – a treat reserved for those special riders in Ducati’s eyes.

  • Ian Parkes

    Nice work Troy. I could only think of three serious reasons. Not convinced by no 2 though. Surely even Rossi fans, and I know cos I’m one of them, would not rate him as Yamaha’s no 1 rider.

    You are so compelling you’ve put me off MotoGP just a little bit. E15 million a year – just for one rider? The cost of a whole GP team for a season must add up to well, thousands! When you can’t spread it over pianos and guitars or cars and whatnot it’s no wonder Ducatis are so expensive.

    • TroySiahaan

      Talking strictly racing, JL and VR might – *might* – be on equal footing as far as team order goes, but factor in merchandise, sponsorship, and all the other business-related things that matter within the team, and there’s no question VR46 is top dog.

    • Bruce Allen

      Rossi, I believe, was getting 17 mm euros a year to ride for Ducati. If you’re gonna sell your soul to the devil, get a good price.

  • coolden

    Lorenzo move to Duc will only bring good to him. He is a smooth rider who needs a perfect bike and ideal track condition to win races. I am afraid he is not gonna have a chance to do zip your mouth gesture anymore since he will be busy complaining about the bike, the track, or the team. The only rider I can see be successful with Duc is MM93.

    • john phyyt

      I agree. I am one of the Few who really like Yamaha; I have owned many ; and they have provided a vehicle capable of winning the world championship ( proven winners )year after year .. What happens if Jorge goes to Ducati and he ends off the podium race after race. This years tires and electrics seem to even things out ; but next year will be data rich .. Yamaha will produce a, capable, race winning bike, only it will be with a different rider.
      I don’t have one percent of the talent of these racers but if I was asked which of the current Moto-gp bikes I thought I could lap the fastest on. It wouldn’t be Italian.

    • but the ducati wont do corner speed. the ducati has a very heavy engine.

      • Y.A.

        No it doesn’t. You are thinking of the pre-Gigi bike, which suppsedly had 2 destroked superbike engines mushed together. This is a whole different animal. If the Duc couldn’t do corner speed, how do you explain Iannone’s pace at PI, or both of the factory guys pace at Argentina?

    • Y.A.

      I disagree that he needs a perfect bike. His smooth style can tame a wild bike. And the Ducati has come a long way. It can turn now and Gigi can mod it for Lorenzo. Things look good.

    • Ozzy Mick

      I must say when I went thru the list, a similar line of thought was going thru my grey matter, except I don’t have the facts to back it up. As I see it, today’s Duc is similar to the one that Stoner jumped on in 2007 – quick on the straights, a pig in corners! It’s been said that Stoner’s success was down to his ability to tame the bike in corners, sliding as he did in his early off road racing days, a la Roberts. None of the Euros, as far as I am aware, have as much experience as the Americans and Aussies racing on dirt – but MM93 has been compared to Stoner in some ways.

  • lets face it after motogp JLo wont have a modeling or acting career like someone else in the paddock. He has to make a ton of money before he retires and he knows it.

    He doesn’t have that connection with elitist in the world of motor-racing politics.

    • TroySiahaan

      Methinks money is not something the Aliens of MotoGP, of which JL is a part of, are concerned about. But then again, refer back to the Wu-Tang reference on the list…

  • Mahatma

    He looks good in pink;)

  • Konstantin Troitskiy

    Jlo strikes me as a person of poor personal qualities. Especially after his reaction to MM’s and VR’s controversies of the last year. I also find his winning style as less likeable if you compare it with MM’s and/or VR’s. If I were in the Duc’s shoes I would never want him anywhere near my team no matter how good he is. I hope he never gets to ride a Duc over a racetrack. I would love to see Casey come back and/or some young rising star get an offer from the factory Ducati some time in the future.

    • Y.A.

      Wow… speaking of persons of poor personal qualities….

      • Johnny Blue

        There’s a big difference between being blunt and having poor personal qualities. Since when do we have to sugar coat the bitter truth?

        • Y.A.

          There is indeed a difference. Unfortunately, you are both. Wishing ill on a guy who risks his life for your entertainment and has risen to the top of his sport through nothing but hard work and speed seems like the kind of thing someone with a poor personality would do. What has Jorge done to you personally to wish him such misfortune?

          • Johnny Blue

            Where did you read that I wish him any misfortune?
            I was just agreeing that JLo does indeed seem to have poor personal qualities. I don’t think that amounts to wishing him anything, neither good, nor bad.

          • Y.A.

            Hoping that he “never gets to ride a Duc on a racetrack” or that Duc keeps him away from their team isn’t wishing him misfortune?

            And what the hell do “winning styles” have to do with anything? The only “style” to win a race is to be first across the line, and the only “style” to win championships is to get the most points…. both of which are things JL, MM and VR do regularly. You don’t get extra points or positions for being charismatic…. MotoGP is a competitive sport, not a beauty pageant.

          • Johnny Blue

            I agree, it does mean wishing him misfortune, but I didn’t type that, neither did I specifically agree with the person who did. I just agreed that JLo seems indeed to have ‘poor personal qualities’.
            In my first reply to you I was just saying that I think Konstantin was only blunt, not, as you implied, having poor personal qualities himself.

          • Y.A.

            I thought you were the OP. My fault.

            In any case you didn’t disagree with Konstantin’s suggestions that Jorge’s transition to Ducati should go poorly which may as well be an implicit agreement. I think Jorge is a sour puss but that’s hardly cause for wishing ill on his career. He is a world champion, whether or not his post race interviews give you butterflies in your stomach or not.

  • Vrooom

    The #1 reason for Jorge would be that the tiny object of his affections is also coming to Ducati where they would build them a love nest. However Marquez will probably stay with Honda.

    • TroySiahaan

      John Burns really wanted me to include this as my NUMBER ONE reason JL would make the switch. Let’s call it an honorable (and hilarious) mention.

  • Branson

    All great points except for #4. You don’t need to mix in gossipy stuff. The article was good on its own.

  • Bruce Allen

    What we’re seeing this year from #93 is his ability to alter his riding style to suit the bike and the tires. Lorenzo has not had to deal with such things since coming up in 2008. Get out front on rails and out-smooth everyone else, etc., etc. I think a good reason for Lorenzo to switch is that it will force him to change how he rides, especially in the turns. Reinventing himself this way is the mark of a true champion. Sure, he’s fearsome on the Yamaha out in front on sweeping tracks with Bridgestones in the dry. Show us you can adapt to the ECU, the Michelins, the Duc and the rain, 99, keep winning, and you will cement your place amongst the all-time greats.

    • Old MOron

      No matter where he lands, it’s going to be anticlimactic after all of his denials and desultory delays.

      • Gruf Rude

        Ducati and Lorenzo had issued statements that the decision would be announced at Jerez – and they did so today. Next year will answer the question of whether Lorenzo and Ducati can adapt successfully to each other.

        • Old MOron

          Thanks. I missed that. Next year will be interesting to observe. Of course we’ve got all of the current season to enjoy, too. Though if Marquez starts to run away with it, I’ll really be looking forward to to 2017.

  • DKing

    Well…its official. Motogp just posted an article confirming Lorenzo’s move…

  • Old MOron

    Well, it’s official. Yamaha have announced that 99 will ride for someone else next year. I don’t think he’s announced anything yet. I suppose he wants to pull a Lebron James from 2010: “I’m taking my talents to Borgo Panigale.”

  • Ajithlal C M

    Semakin de depan is Yamaha’s tagline.. not Lorenzo’s!!