5. Retro Cool


When in a new area, one thing I like to do is turn down a random road and go for a walk. This decision paid off big time in Japan, as I stumbled across these three beauties. You’ll have to forgive me as my knowledge of 1960s motorcycles is a little lacking, but this trio was too cool not to photograph. The Vespa at left, if viewed on its own, would be considered in rather good shape considering its age, although when viewed next to the pristine Honda Dream and Yamaha beside it, suddenly the iconic scoot looks a little secondhand. Still, these three are just a sampling of what I would find less than 100 yards down the road. Read on.

  • JMDonald

    I look for random bikes when I travel. Looks like you some some very cool machines. When it happens to me I think how lucky I was to see such a great bike. I never see more than a few. You hit the jackpot on this trip. Nice article.

    • TroySiahaan

      Could be a case of “grass is greener” when I see a bike in other parts of the world we don’t get in the States, but Japan really does have some cool bikes floating around. These were just the ones I had my camera ready for.

  • Old MOron

    That cop bike looks pretty bitchin’.

  • nm

    What model is #8 (page 9 of 11)?

  • di0genes

    Number 6 is not a panhead, appears to be a model K, the flathead precursor of the sportster.

    • nm

      Now I wanna know what this is as well. Do you mean the models without head gaskets?