The incredibly cool Lossa BMX Honda was all set to take top spot on this list until I came across this unassuming, yet stunning Gilera 106SS tucked away behind the Husqvarna mini bike in the background. A quick Google search of the 106 shows that, in the 1960s, Sears Roebuck – the big box store that would sell you everything from Craftsman tools, to vacuums, to back-to-school items – also sold motorcycles. Sears reached an agreement with Gilera to sell the Italian company’s 106cc motorcycle (Gilera also produced a 125cc version) and marketed it to appeal towards American teenagers who had a desire for speed but were short on cash. The 106 was rated at about 9 hp. This example has come a long way from the one you could buy in the Sears catalog. Stripped of virtually every non-essential item, this owner clearly put a lot of time and effort into building this beauty. From the custom tail section, to the elegant header pipe, and even the headlight that swivels forward or backward, this picture doesn’t do the bike justice.