10. BMW F800GT $11,995


In our 2013 Middleweight Sport-Touring Shootout, our initial impressions had us believing BMW’s F800GT would easily win that particular shootout, but filling-in the ScoreCard resulted in a surprise outcome of KTM’s 990 SM-T almost upsetting the Beemer. Sadly, the 990 SM-T is no longer with us, but if it were, it’d certainly be included in this list. That test also included Ducati’s Hypermotard which you’ll find on the next page. In that shootout the BMW returned a 50-mpg average and won praise for its excellent handling characteristics. The F800’s engine is lackluster in the power department, and the bags pictured here are BMW accessories that cost $400+ per bag. BMW also has the newly revised R1200RS that’s too big for this Top 10, but if you’re shopping, it’s worth a looksee. Check out John Burns’ review here.